` The World Renowned Clown, Director and Instructor at The Brick Theater



The Brick Theater, Inc. presents

Finding your Clown and Beginning to Write for Clown

taught by Patrick de Valette



Patrick de Valette is a master master of the masters.  He studied a lot in the best school, and took every workshop he could with the most important teachers ever created.

Patrick de Valette says : "There is two kind of things, some are
funny some are not funny"

This class will be an exploration of what is funny and what is not ! But we will
never answer this question : why ?  In this short workshop we will work towards finding some of the most important features that make up your clown.   We will try different approaches to material and discuss and play with how to write the most efficiently...

If you have material you would like to show, we may find a little time together to work on it in class.

Patrick de Valette
is a co-founder of Chiche Capon has worked with them for 6 years and has performed with them all around the world.  He studied clown at the School le Samovar, founded by Frank Dinet, and with Jacques Lecoq.   He has also worked on clown's dramaturgy with Alain GautrŽ, one of the famous masters of clown in France and Europe.  He worked also with Philippe DŽcouflŽ

and Cirque du Soleil for special events.



Monday, October 15th, 6:30- 10:30 PM. 

Cost $100




Workshop will be held at

The Brick

575 Metropolitan Ave (Union/Lorimer)

Brooklyn, New York  11211




For more information, please contact The Brick at info@bricktheater.com.