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A NY Clown Theatre Festival Hors D'Oeuvre

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Happy Hour
New York’s premiere physical comedy trio Happy Hour is together again with an all-new show! Mark Gindick (Big Apple Circus), Ambrose Martos (Cirque du Soleil) and Matthew Morgan (Ringling Bros.) transcend formulaic circus comedy to create an evening of theater that is remarkably genuine, occasionally absurd, definitely sweaty and wildly funny. The New York Post calls the comedy trio Happy Hour “irresistible high-energy entertainment” and the New York Times says they are “hilarious.” The Village Voice adds: “The talented trio let fun flow freely. It’s easy to see how Happy Hour could become a habit.”

Sept. 23 @ 8pm
Sept. 24 @ 8pm
Sept. 25 @ 8pm
Sept. 26 @ 8pm
Sept. 27 @ 3pm

Harrington & Kauffman
Starring Richard Harrington and Chris Kauffman
Gustave and Nhar from Harrington & Kauffman’s Nharcolepsy and Motel California return!  In this epic comedy of amnesia and redemption, watch Belgian cabaret singer Gustave and his silent assistant Nhar travel the world in search of clues about Gustave's family and his own shadowy past.

Sept. 18 @ 8pm
Sept. 19 @ 8pm
Sept. 20 @ 3pm

At the Edge of Vaudeville
Aimee German and Jennifer Sargent
As the Vaudeville era closes, the illustrious LeRoy Sister-Act unravels at the seams. A “hilarious” (ThreeWeeks), tawdry carnival of dance, song, knife throwing, acrobatic gorillas, and High Melodrama based on 1910 Vaudeville scripts that swings and stomps along the edge of farce and drama. “One of the weirdest and most memorable evenings in the theatre I have ever experienced.” PragueTV
Devised by Aimee German and Jennifer Sargent with consultation from Eva Burgess, Michelle Seekamp, Eric Davis; Performed by Aimee German and Jennifer Sargent; Music Directed by Tone Melone

Sept. 4 @ 8pm
Sept. 5 @ 8pm
Sept. 11 @ 10pm
Sept. 12 @ 10pm

The Last Chance Of A Lifetime
Ten Directions
Ice Castles, The Cutting Edge and Rocky collide on skates.  When a has-been coach brings two sightless skaters together to win the big competition we learn that sometimes the one you love is the person you hate the most and winning is all that really matters.  The creators of Bouffon Glass Menajoree bring you a blind parody on wheels.
Developed in Collaboration with: Lynn Berg, Audrey Crabtree, Jonathan Kaplan, Maria Parra, Jeff Seal and Shawn Wickens.
Choreography by:  Ron Hoffman

PLUS improv sensation Junior Varsity follows on September 8th and rock band Supermajor follows on September 15th and 22nd!

Junior Varsity have established themselves as one of the most traveled NYC long-form improv groups. Bar none. Formed by Armando Diaz at the Magnet Theater, their fun style and zen energy have made them consistent crowd pleasers. Junior Varsity is Lucia Aniello, Jarret Berenstein, Jane Borden, Kevin Cragg, Megan Gray, Jamie Rivera, Sean Taylor, and Shawn Wickens.

Supermajor rocks Viva Evel Knievel!, Ten Directions' multi-media rock pageant celebrating the triumphant jumps and bone-breaking crashes of America's greatest daredevil. Supermajor is Adam Swiderski, Sarah Engelke, Darius Stone, Brooke Tarnoff, Jenny Harder and Brian Bair. There's a little Evel in all of us!

Sept. 8 @ 8pm
Sept. 15 @ 8pm
Sept. 22 @ 8pm

Logic Limited, Ltd.

Directed by Jane Nichols; Featuring Chris Arruda, Brad Fraizer and David Graham Jones
schadenfreude \SHOD-n-froy-duh\, noun: 1. largely unanticipated delight in the suffering of another; 2.over-the-counter cultural antidepressant; 3. self-help seminar exploring the healing powers of schadenfreude conducted by three leading professional experts in the field.  Logic Limited, Ltd. has just the tonic for these tough times. Join them for the self-help seminar that's guaranteed to self-destruct.

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Sept. 11 @ 8pm
Sept. 12 @ 8pm
Sept. 18 @ 9:30pm
Sept. 19 @ 9:30pm

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