The Brick welcomes proposals for co-produced theater works (called "Co-Productions"). We co-produce shows at the theater, for runs of one week or more depending on calendar availability. We are especially looking for premieres of new works, or works that have had limited workshop performances. Aesthetically, we are most interested in works which are subversive and experimental in nature. To see a sampling of the type of performance works we program, see 2009's roster.

The Brick does not rent for productions. For information about rehearsal and other event rentals,
please click here.

When is The Brick available?

The Brick is currently considering works for a limited number of evening slots (7-10:30 pm, load-in to load-out) in 2010 and 2011. We have many late-night opportunities, (10:30pm or later) depending on calendar availability and the ability to work around a pre-existing set and light plot.

Primary Shows and Non-Primary Programming.

When not in a festival month, The Brick generally chooses one or two Primary Shows for use of the space. The Primary Show has first choice of available performance slots as well as other first choice considerations. Non-Primary Shows, Late-Night Series, rehearsal rentals and event rentals are programmed around the schedules of the Primary Show. Some Late-Night Series have regular monthly slots, which we ask the Primary Shows to accomodate.

How does a Co-Production work?

Our standard co-production arrangement pays the co-producing company an artist's fee equal to 50% of the gross box received, subject to a guaranteed minimum share of the box for The Brick equal to $50 per hour (from load-in to load-out on performance dates). Ticket prices for the show will be agreed to with The Brick. Online ticket sales and all cash sales at the door must be entered into Ovationtix by trained Brick Box Office Volunteers or Staff (to be provided by The Brick at the start of each performance). Each show must provide its own light designer, board operator and other technical personnel; referrals are available on request and must be paid by the company at rates negotiated with the personnel. A Brick Technical Director or Staff Member will lias with each company's Technical/Creative Staff and be on hand to supervise the initial Tech Rehearsal. Each show must also provide its own volunteer insurance (to cover cast, crew and other personnel), with The Brick Theater, Inc. named as an additional insured (referrals available). (Some recommended insurance companies are listed on the third page of this document.) Additional requirements are in our standard co-production contract, available upon request.

How do we submit proposals?

To submit a co-production proposal, please visit our applications page.


How do we find out if we have been accepted?

Admission is rolling. Programming is seen to throughout the year. As our limited calendar slots open, we will contact those whose proposals interest us.

Thank you!