The Brick Theater, Inc.




JANUARY 1 - 22, 2011


The first rule about Fight Fest.

Don't talk about Fight Fest.

FIGHT FEST is a theater festival dedicated to showcasing the art of Stage Combat. Launched in 2009 by The Brick (creators of The Kung Fu Importance of Being Earnest, The Ninja Cherry Orchard and Macbeth Without Words), Timothy Haskell (Nightmare, the haunted house sensation) and Abby Marcus and Qui Nguyen of Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company (Soul Samurai and Alice in Slasherland), FIGHT FEST returned in December 2010 for a whole new year of Whoop Ass! The Festival begins on December 2nd with a FREE PREVIEW CABARET!

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Mainstage Shows:


Bethlehem or Bust: How the Three Kings Teamed Up to Deliver the World’s Very First Christmas Presents

Piper McKenzie Productions
Written by Jeff Lewonczyk
Directed by Hope Cartelli
Fight Directed by Adam Swiderski and Alexis Black

Everyone knows about the Three Kings and their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, but not so many people know about the adventures they had on their way to the manger. Bethlehem or Bust, Piper McKenzie’s first-ever family show, envisions the Wise Men as swashbucklers on an action-packed journey where they need to brave all sorts of robbers, monsters, Roman soldiers – and the occasional shepherd – on their way to meet one of history’s most famous babies. (Great for kids age 7 and up!)

75 minutes

Sat Jan 1 @ 2pm
Sun Jan 2 @ 2pm



Raising Cane: A Family Portrait

Pug Mike Samantha
Written by Stephen Cedars
Directed by Stephen Cedars
Fight Directed by Stephen Heskett

In the tradition of early John Waters and Troma Films, “Raising Cane: A Family Portrait” follows the familial dysfunctions of simpleton in-breeds who love nothing more than beating each others brain's out. Camp humor and grotesque combat combine to explore the question of whether we stick with family cause we love 'em or if we love 'em because we can't escape.

55 minutes

Fri Jan 20 @ 8pm
Sat Jan 22 @ 8pm


Rapier Wit!

En Garde Entertainment
Written by Alexandra Hastings (inspired by Shakespeare)
Directed by Alexandra Hastings and David Dean Hastings
Fight Directed by David Dean Hastings

It is 1607, and women aren't allowed to perform on the English swordswomen gather to illegally swashbuckle their way through Shakespeare's greatest tragedies--to hilarious end. These smoking hot babes are armed to the teeth with swords, daggers, quarterstaves, whips, and of course Rapier Wit! Throw in some singing, some wrestling, some gender-bending, and some audience participation--and you have one heck of a good time! Join our all female fight troupe The Vixens En Garde in a fast-paced fantastical tribute to the Bard of Avon...Rated R for Violence, Sexuality, & Shakespearean Swearing.

90 minutes

Thu Jan 6 @ 8pm
Fri Jan 7 @ 8pm
Sat Jan 8 @ 8pm
Sun Jan 9 @ 5pm






Fight Fest is made possible by the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.