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"Everything is strange about this play...transporting"

Written by Andrew Gilchrist
Directed by Julie Rossman
Dawn sees promise in the grandiose fantasies of her large-faced friend Daniel, who dreams of one day building a theater on a cliff. She also knows scant time remains before she's lost him to the loose and cocksure girls of the Cabaret Magnifique. But will Dawn's confidence avail her? Or will she find herself in a struggle for which she's not yet prepared? In her dreams, she was special… In reality, it was always her Birthtaint...
70 minutes

Mon, June 30 at 10pm
Thu, July 10 at 10pm
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"vibrant characters, lots of heartfelt passion, and spirited volleys of non sequiturs"
The Village Voice
"one of the funniest scripts I've seen all year"

Death at Film Forum
Old Kent Road Theater
Written and Directed by Eric Bland

Four hip, overweening cinephiles compete in the cruelest of cruelties: an Indie Film-off with one auteur left standing. Naturally the story ends in murder.
105 minutes

Wed, Jul 2 at 8pm
Sat, Jul 5th at 8pm
Mon, Jul 7th at 8pm
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"the whole construct of the play is quite ingenious"

Q&A: The Perception of Dawn
The Fifth Wall
Created by Danny Bowes and Gyda Arber
The question and answer session for the independent film The Perception of Dawn rapidly devolves into a grudge match between the writer, director, producer, and actors…will anyone make it out unscathed? The audience determines how it all goes down, as they ask the questions in the question & answer session.
75 minutes

Thu, July 10 at 7:30pm
Sat, July 12 at 10pm
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"weave[s] together macabre, eerie scenes in a tapestry of evocative moods"

The Stubborn Illusion of Time
Bone Orchard
Created by the Company
Born out of improvisation, The Stubborn Illusion of Time tells the story of a living man who stumbles into an old casket factory and emerges, his head bursting with what he has seen: ghosts frozen in a photograph. Bone Orchard plays off the film of their previous theatre piece, The Immediate Present to explore the nature of reality, illusion and time itself.
75 minutes

Sun, July 6 at 8pm
Fri, July 11 at 10pm
Sat, July 12 at 8pm
Fri, July 18 at 8pm
Sat, July 19 at 8pm
Thu, July 24 at 8pm
Fri, July 25 at 8pm
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"An enjoyably immersive and anachronistic experience...good things come in small, suspicious packages."
Show Business Weekly
"Impressive!...Makes for thrills."
The Village Voice
"Rush out right now and buy tickets...a great time...unique and engaging, shouldn't be missed!"
"by the end we were swapping stories about the experience and lingering over drinks"

Suspicious Package
The Fifth Wall
Created by Gyda Arber
In this Brooklyn Noir, you are the Detective, the Starlet, the Heiress, or the Producer in the mean streets of Williamsburg, where technology, reality, theater and film meet. Are you a victim of circumstance or the guilty party? Personal video players accompany you through the mystery and prompt you through your lines, as you star in the show.

Sat and Sun, July 5 through July 27
By appointment starting at 4pm
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"successfully transposes Caligari-esque aesthetics into three dimensions"
The Village Voice

Tod & I
Piehole Productions
Created by Piehole
Puppets, shadows, and sounds remind us what it is to encounter the strangeness of death for the first time, and show us why the woods beyond the funeral home can be the perfect place to play hide and seek. Get away from the flowers and formaldehyde and come out into the dusk with Tod and I.
50 minutes

Wed, July 9 at 8pm
Fri, July 11 at 8pm
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"a head-on collision of faces, words and rhythm"
"created by some of Off- and Off-Off-Broadway's best-loved performers, playwrights, and directors, including Mike Daisey...and T. Ryder Smith."
The Village Voice

Horrible Child
a TK Film from Best Ten Dollar Suit Pictures
Written and Directed by Lawrence Krauser
Designed and Edited by Larissa Tokmakova
Starring Mike Daisey, T. Ryder Smith, and Paul Willis
Mr. and Mrs. Child (T. Ryder Smith & Mike Daisey) live in perpetual enmity with their only mistake: Horrible Child (Paul Willis). Their world is a bodyless echo-chamber of memory and hostility, honed into baroque linguistic ritual. Mother and father have a dream: that one day The Exterminator will arrive to cap H.C. and set them free. A visually minimal, sonically lush, perversely comic talk-opera catalog of human dysfunction from Lawrence Krauser and Larissa Tokmakova.
72 minutes

Wed, July 23 at 8pm

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"only the medium of videotape, it seems, is able to give [Kenneth Shorr's] genius for gothic satire the full scope it deserves"
Art in America

Unloosened and
DD Art Enterprises
Written, Directed and Live Spoken Commentary by David Dixon

Writer/director David Dixon will give a live commentary while his elegiac, sometimes cryptic, feature film, Unloosened and Root, is projected, adding another layer of meaning (and convolution) to an already highly personal, multi-layered documentary/fictional film. Viewers will be able to leave the theater knowing that they are now prepared to watch the film on their own having received most, if not all, the director's insights and anecdotes.

70 minutes

Depraved Indifference
Performed by Kenneth Shorr
Depraved Indifference is a series of monologues, ruminations, and jokes starring Kenneth Shorr. "The tragicomic world that Shorr creates is filled with faux pas, traumatic scenes and surreal glimpses of life in the American Southwest. His themes are self-deception, racism, disease, social inequality and the difficulty of negotiating a media landscape that blends banality and terror. Shorr has been concerned with such subjects for some time, but it is only the medium of videotape, it seems, that is able to give his genius for gothic satire the full scope it deserves." — Art in America, review, Raphael Rubinstein, May 2002.
40 minutes

Sat, July 26 at 8pm

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