The Brick Theater, Inc. presents

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The Absence of Magic
Performed by Eric Davis
Created by Eric Davis and Sue Morrison
Directed by Sue Morrison

A cantankerous clown, whose neurotic endeavors run the gamut of comic expression, answers the call to an epic adventure.  Antics range from the gut-busting ridiculous to the intimate and heart-felt as this unlikely hero fends off monsters, struggles to make a name for himself and quests to find the Glove of Never Ending Awesomeness. (75 min)

Sun 6/12 7:00, Sun 6/19 7:00, Sun 6/26 7:00

The Brick presents

The Brick’s monthly variety extravaganza continues through the Festival with two moral values-themed installments!  In addition to an exciting roster of strange and wonderful acts, each evening will feature a new episode of each of the Brick Radio Players’ ongoing serials, “Whispering Crystal Gossamer Bayou” and “Horny & the Virgin” (2 hrs)

Sun 6/5 7:00, Sun 7/3 7:00


Urban Wildlife Theater Co.'s
Coney Island Last Stop
Written and directed by Michael Schwartz

In this gritty, sexually provocative dark comedy, Jacob Katz is desperate to become a non-virgin, but his secret physical deformity threatens to derail his plans.  Then, along with his friends, Tony, a streetwise dropout, and Willy, who stutters and rhymes, Jacob meets Alminouchka, a new Russian immigrant eager to do anything to be accepted. With furiously funny, poetic, explosive, blue collar Brooklyn dialogue and physicality, these outcasts discover the liberating and redemptive power of the imagination.  "Hilarious, heartrending, and ultimately brilliant." -- Paulanne Simmons, GO BROOKLYN, reviewing Schwartz's In the Shadow of the Third Rail (105 min)

Tue 6/21 8:30, Fri 6/24 10:00, Sun 6/26 5:00, Wed 6/29 8:15, Fri 7/1 7:00, Sun 7/3 1:00

Chickenhead Productions presents
Dear Dubya: Patriotic Love Letters to WHITEHOUSE.ORG
Curated and written by John A. Wooden
Directed by R.J. Tolan
Produced by John DeVore

From the web’s most popular political parody comes a disturbingly hilarious glimpse inside the mind of the dot-com era voter.  Readings from WHITEHOUSE.ORG’s actual e-mail bag include outraged complaints confusing absurdist satire with federal policy, bizarre misaddressed letters to President Bush, and stunningly vicious hate mail for the site's creators. (45 min)

Wed 6/8 9:30, Thu 6/16 7:00, Sat 6/18 2:30, Wed 6/22 8:30, Sat 6/25 8:15, Sun 7/3 9:15

Magdalene Productions presents
Written and performed by Mikki Baloy
Directed by John DeVore

Disaster response professional and theater artist Mikki Baloy presents eleven, a one-woman performance piece that examines everyday life in New York City post-9/11 through the voices of eleven ordinary people.  Baloy draws on professional expertise and personal experience to craft a diverse, and unexpected, cast of characters. (60 min)

Tue 6/7 7:00, Sat 6/11 2:45, Fri, 6/17 8:30, Sat 6/18 9:30, Sat 6/25 7:00, Mon 6/27 8:30, Sat 7/2 1:00

An Evening with Roberta Combs, President of the Christian Coalition, conducting an earnest Q and A in a Brooklyn theatre festival, clarifying the positions of the Christian right, and telling it like it is. For real!
Directed by Timothy Haskell
Featuring Cathy McNelis, Rachelle Mendez, Mark O'Connell

The title says it all. (45 min)

Sat 6/4 8:30, Wed 6/8 7:00, Sat 6/11 6:00, Tue 6/14 7:00, Sat 6/18 4:45, Thu 6/23 9:45

A Feast Unknown
Written and performed by Jason Robert Bell
Based on the book by Philip Jose Farmer

A dramatic multi-media reading of by Philip José Farmer, "unreadable” sci-fi  action adventure porno classic. To be performed in 30 minute segments of the book from start to finish with each reading starting with a wrap up of the last segment and ending with a cliffhanger, with added pre-recorded audio soundtrack composed by Bell, as well as video projections of hundreds of original drawings illustrating the story. (30 min)

Mon 6/6 7:00  (Special hour-long premiere!), Thu 6/16 8:00 (w/This Is Not a Burlesque), Sat 6/18 5:45 (w/Mahamudra), Thu 6/30 7:00 (w/Return of Toodles), Sat 7/2 3:45 (w/Sinistrality), Sun 7/3 4:15 (w/The Perfect Girl)

Operating Theater presents
Created by Jason Schuler
Directed by Jason Schuler and Kourtney Rutherford
Written by Love Ablan, Tim Cummings, Kenny Finkle, Sibyl Kempson, Kirk Marcoe, Jake Oliver, Kourtney Rutherford, Jason Schuler, Mike Taylor, Jon Leon Torn,  Jennifer Zern
Performed by Kourtney Rutherford, Jason Schuler, Eben Moore, Tim Donovan Jr., Sean Day, Okwui Okpokwasili, and others.

Inspired by the BBC, Flat is a television programme brought to the stage. A British family advertises a rental within their flat. Applicants are interviewed and mysteriously disappear. Featuring a rotating cast of tenants, a team of writers, and copious video Flat explores the limits of TV and the theater.  (60 min)

Sat 6/4 4:00, Fri 6/10 9:00, Mon 6/13 7:00, Sun 6/19 8:30, Wed 6/29 7:00
The Fourth Reich
Written and directed by Danny Bowes
Cast: Danny Bowes, Greg Fisk

Two estranged friends meet one fateful night in the early days of the second George W. Bush administration to discuss war, politics, conspiracy theories, the impotence of the modern media in the face of creeping tyranny, and love. (75 min)

Thu 6/9 7:00

Françoise changes her mind (the things bondage can do)
Written and directed by Robert Honeywell
Featuring Peter Bean, Celia Montgomery, and Jana Zenadeen

Bondage.  Buddha.  The Bible.  The Koran.  Don’t forget Proust.  Nerds in love experiment in sex games with religious texts.  An almost-a-nun and an almost-a-priest fall in love and get kinky. But being tied to a shower while force-fed world religion can do peculiar things, like barking like dogs, beating each other to a pulp. (90 min)

Fri 6/10 7:00, Sat 6/11 4:00, Wed 6/15 8:45, Sun 6/19 2:15, Mon 6/20 8:30, Sat 6/25 1:00

Freak Out under the Apple Tree: (Some of) The Best of Tom X. Chao
Written byTom X. Chao
Performed by Tom X. Chao and Erin A. Leahy

The New York Times
calls Tom X. Chao "a dryly funny downtown comedian."  Here are some of his not-so-dry short comedies!  Angry nun throttles insensitive fusion bassist!  Crazed tourist loves San Francisco indiscriminately!  Police psychic and office manager solve mysteries while arguing about lunch!  And more audience favorites! (60 min)

Fri 6/3 9:45, Sat 6/4 7:15, Sun 6/5 2:30
BUY TICKETS presents
The Great Moral Values Theatre Debate
Moderated by Martin Denton
Participants: Leslie Bramm, Kirk Wood Bromley, John Devore, Robert Honeywell, Renée Flemings, Matt Freeman, Zachary Mannheimer, Qui Nguyen, David Pumo, Saviana Stanescu.

Is the stage a valid platform from which to preach moral values of one kind or another? When does political drama turn into proselytizing or propaganda? Theatre practitioners from the world of off-off-Broadway explore the pros and cons of activist theatre in a high-energy conversation that will be designed to stimulate, challenge, and provoke. A wild free-for-all disguised as a panel. FREE Admission. (105 minutes)

Mon 6/13 8:15


Propinquity Productions LLC presents
I Found Her Tied to My Bed
Written and directed by Jeff Tabnick
With Shannon Kirk, Talia Rubel

At Evergreen Manor Nursing Home, the hours are long, the staff is underpaid and the occupants are easy to kill.  When a reckless coworker intrudes upon Beth’s solitary life, Beth becomes infatuated and goes to extremes to understand her. But understanding does not necessarily produce a healthy relationship—sometimes it only produces corpses.  (75 min)

Sat 6/4 1:00, Sun 6/5 4:00, Mon 6/6 8:15, Wed 6/8 8:00, Fri 6/10 10:15, Sat 6/11 8:30


It Came from New York
Curated and hosted by Michele Carlo (aka Carmen Mofongo), with an all native-New York cast: Erik Seims, Bruce Smolanoff, Marie Mundaca, Irene Bremis, Laura Dinnebeil, Liam McEaneany
Music by Eddy Martinez and Stefan Zeniuk

Ever wonder what makes real New Yorkers tick? What gives us our unique edge? What makes us crazier than any other humans on the planet? In just 75 New York-minutes "It Came From New York" gives you a taste of what it's like to actually be from the city where everyone thinks sin was invented. (75 min)

Fri 6/3 11:00, Sat 6/11 7:00, Sun 6/12 8:30, Tue 6/21 7:00, Tue 6/28 9:30, Sat 7/2 2:15


POLYBE + SEATS presents
The Ladies Auxiliary Telephone Bee: Moral Values Edition

POLYBE + SEATS presents THE LADIES' AUXILIARY TELEPHONE BEE, in which performers call activists, specialists, and interested parties on all sides of a common debate for live interviews. The Ladies of Polybe + Seats (and their Gentleman Callers) are always ready to don party clothes and celebrate democracy through modern telecommunications. (90 min)

Thu 6/9 8:30


Mahamudra (or Postconsumer Waste Recycled Paper)
Written and performed by Chris Harcum

A loathsome theatre critic on a major power trip learns to atone for his misdeeds in front of a live audience. His razor-sharp analysis propels him into an imaginative world of suspense and wonder, where he encounters true love, death by lightning, a homeless Hamlet, and his greatest foe, a solo performer named Chris Harcum. (30 min)

Fri 6/3 8:30 (w/This Is Not a Burlesque), Sat 6/4 10:45 (w/Misshapen Jack), Sat 6/18 5:45 (w/A Feast Unknown), Thu 6/23 7:00 (w/The Perfect Girl), Sat 6/25 5:45 (w/The Perfect Girl), Sun 6/26 8:30 (w/This Is Not a Burlesque), Sat 7/2 6:30 (w/Sinistrality), Sun 7/3 3:00 (w/This Is Not a Burlesque)


Misshapen Jack, the Nebraska Hunchback
Written, directed and performed by Trav SD

Writer/performer Trav S.D. revives his hit of the 1998 NYC Fringe Festival, a vaudevillian stump speech with songs, a slide show, and a deranged message about mankind’s greatest nemesis: Hunchbacks from Nebraska named Jack. (75 min)

Sat 6/4 10:45 (w/Mahamudra), Sun 6/12 2:15 (w/Return of Toodles), Fri 6/17 7:00 (w/Return of Toodles), Mon 6/20 7:00 (w/Return of Toodles), Thu 6/23 8:15 (w/Return of Toodles), Sat 7/2 7:45 (w/Perfect Girl)


23 Elephants and First Function present
Mr. Nobody
Created and performed by Bidalia Albanese Hess, Steven Hess, Dan Guarino, Jen Nevergole, Mathew Sandoval and deeAnn Nelson.

MR. NOBODY is the manifestation of all things beautifully violent in this world. Mr. Nobody is a walking everyman embodying the creative, the violent and the violently creative throughout time. Mr. Nobody and a group of the profoundly grotesque will bring you to the nexus that is Violence and Art.  (75 min)

Fri 6/3 7:00, Sat 6/4 2:30, Sun 6/5 1:00, Sat 6/11 10:00, Sun 6/12 5:30, Tue 6/14 8:00


My Year of Porn
Written and Performed by Cole Kazdin
Directed by Ivanna Cullinan

MY YEAR OF PORN is a one-woman comedy about a journalist’s eye-opening adventures, the year she produces a documentary on the porn industry.  Through storytelling and character monologues, she travels to porn sets, backseats of trucks and a bizarre swingers club under train tracks in downtown LA.  It’s Heart of Darkness.  Only instead of the Congo, it’s Porno.  (A brief “Porn Q & A” with the performer immediately follows the performance.)  (60 min)

Sat 6/4 9:30, Sat, 6/11 1:00, Sun 6/12 1:00, Thu 6/16 9:15, Sat 6/18 7:00, Sun 6/19 4:15, Sun 6/26 3:45, Tue 6/28 7:00


Written and performed by Richard Harrington and Chris Kauffman
Directed by Patricia Buckley
The tale of a Belgian cabaret singer and his sidekick who go searching for the Yeti at the North Pole.  "Richard Harrington & Chris Kauffman raise the level of comedy to a high art." -- The Globe & Mail, Toronto min)

Fri 6/17 10:00, Sat 6/18 8:15, Sun 6/19 1:00


Oh Holy ‘night, Mother-Fucker
Written and directed by Brian Fraley
Choreography by Michelle Lamb
Starring Jill Ann Dugan, Peter Brydges, and Mikey McCue
Featuring Suzy Darling, Erika Insana, and Michelle Lamb

Mrs. Stone has tried to be a good mother to her daughter Ursula; and she's had to do it all by herself... Ever since her husband hanged himself in the attic that Christmas morning, it's been just her. But now her daughter's mysterious weight gain seems to be pushing her over the edge... (75 min)

Fri 6/24 8:30, Sat 6/25 10:30, Sun 6/26 2:15, Mon 6/27 7:00, Fri 7/1 10:15, Sun 7/3 10:15


Piper McKenzie Presents
The Perfect Girl (a Bizarre Science Fantasy)
Written and directed by Jeffrey A. Lewonczyk
Performed by and created with Katie Brack, Hope Cartelli, Jessi Gotta, Jay Klaitz, Jeff Lewonczyk, Robin Reed

This is High School, USA: tough classes, changing bodies, complicated relationships… Teenage life is hard enough without mad-scientist guidance counselors and twisted brain-switching experiments!  Chock full of Fifties music, slapstick ballet and raging hormones, “The Perfect Girl” is the latest installment in the acclaimed Bizarre Science Fantasy dance-theatre series. (30 min)

Sat 6/18 10:45 (w/This Is Not a Burlesque), Thu 6/23 7:00 (w/Mahamudra), Sat 6/25 5:45 (w/Mahamudra), Sun 6/26 1:00 (w/This Is Not a Burlesque), Fri 7/1 9:00 (w/Sinistrality), Sat 7/2 7:45 (w/Misshapen Jack), Sun 7/3 4:15 (w/A Feast Unknown)


The Return of Toodles von Flooz
Written and directed by Lisa Ferber
Starring: Trav SD, Ivanna Cullinan, Lisa Barnes

It seems like just another day at the What’s-it-to-ya. Bartender Johnny’s providing a helpful ear and a little philosophy for regular patron Betty O’Boozenberg. In walks a church-goin’ dame eager to round up all the sinners. But wait…could she be…former dancehall showgirl Toodles Von Flooz?!!  (30 min)

Sun 6/12 2:15 (w/Misshapen Jack), Fri 6/17 7:00 (w/Misshapen Jack), Mon 6/20 7:00 (w/Misshapen Jack), Thu 6/23 8:15 (w/Misshapen Jack), Thu 6/30 7:00 (w/Feast Unknown)


FRESH BLOOD Productions presents
Choreographed by Jennifer Schmermund
Performed by KC Chun, Leslie Cuyjet, Jennifer Schmermund, Sarah Wagner, Kim Young and Sarah Young

(left-handedness) harbors three pieces by FRESH BLOOD choreographer, Jennifer Schmermund.  In the first, same-titled solo, Schmermund dissembles varied connotations of “left.”  “Stark Ravings,” a quartet, explodes in a relentless series of full-on crashes as private moments unravel publicly.  Her coltish quintet, “Trot-tastic,” irreverently prances about in fancy underwear. (30 min)

Sun 6/26 1:00 (w/The Perfect Girl), Tue 6/28 8:15 (w/This Is Not a Burlesque), Fri 7/1 9:00 (w/The Perfect Girl), Sat 7/2 3:45 (w/A Feast Unknown), Sat 7/2 6:30 (w/Mahamudra), Sun 7/3 5:30 (w/This Is Not a Burlesque)


Inverse Theater presents
A Song Sampling from The Banger’s Flopera

Playwright (Book/Lyrics): Kirk Wood Bromley
Composer: John Gideon
Director: Ben Yalom

Song Samples from The Banger’s Flopera – A Musical Perversion
is a cabaret performance of songs from a “perversion” of that infamous tale of high-class lowlifes, The Beggar’s Opera. This is a musical for a world in which liars win elections, gangtas make bank, and gets 1 million hits/day. (60 min)

Sat 7/2 9:15


The Temperamentals
Playwright: Jon Marans
Director: Mark Ramont
Cast: Arnie Burton, Tom Beckett, Andrew Nelson, Matthew Schneck
, Michael Urie

“Temperamental” was a code word for “gay” in the 1950s.  “The Temperamentals” tells the story of the young communist Harry Hay and the Viennese refugee Rudi Gernreich who fall in love and combine forces to try and build the first gay political organization in the U.S. – an unprecedented and highly dangerous undertaking.  (120 min)

Sat 6/25 3:00


Third Person
Written and Directed by Peter S Petralia
Performed by James Tigger Ferguson and Carlton Ward
Visuals by Laura Klein and James Morrison
Music composed by Nicole Jung

THIRD PERSON is a lecture-cum performance where two performers, who may or may not be the subject of discussion, speak into microphones and use video projection, slides and overhead projectors (all under their control) to illustrate the strange love affair of two ordinary men whose brushes with loneliness, death and madness frame their attraction. (75 min)

Sat 6/18 1:00, Sun 6/19 5:30, Wed 6/22 7:00, Fri 6/24 7:00, Sat 6/25 9:15, Sat 7/2 5:00


Ampersand & Ampersand presents:
THIS IS NOT A BURLESQUE: a surrealist burlesque
Directed by Juliet O’Brien and Rosalie Purvis
Performed and Choreographed by Juliet O’Brien, Clara Purvis and Rosalie Purvis
Costumes, Hair and Make-up design by Clara Purvis

A surrealist burlesque melds the uniquely American art of burlesque with the art historical movement of surrealism to create evocative images of the sexual subconscious.  In an age where even our once private urges and desires are publicly commodified and even fetishes are rigidly classified THIS IS NOT A BURLESQUE: a surrealist burlesque addresses a hunger for unexpected erotic imagery. The sexy ladies of Ambersand & Ambersand serve up this erotic dreamscape with a thousand winking eyes, birds of paradise, singing skin and some fishnets. (30 min)

Fri 6/3 8:30 (w/Mahamudra), Thu 6/16 8:00 (w/A Feast Unknown), Sat 6/18 10:45 (w/The Perfect Girl), Sun 6/26 8:30 (w/Mahamudra), Tue 6/28 8:15 (w/Sinistrality), Sun 7/3 3:00 (w/Mahamudra), Sun 7/3 5:30 (w/Sinistrality)


Gemini CollisionWorks Presents
World Gone Wrong

Design, Direction and Text by Ian W. Hill
Featuring Gyda Arber, Fred Backus, Eric C. Bailey, Gita Borovsky, Walter Brandes, Amy Caitlin Carr, Josephine Cashman, Maggie Cino, Bryan Enk, Stacia French, Matthew Gray, Ian W. Hill, Christiaan Koop, Dan Maccarone, Josh Mertz, Roger Nasser, Dina Rose Rivera, Yvonne Roen, Ken Simon, Adam Swiderski, and Debbie Troche

multimedia collage of dialogue, from about two hundred Films Noir and from our current Administration, into a semiabstract, dubbed story of betrayal, corruption, and revenge, as a dying man travels through his splintered memory to find out who murdered him, and bring them to justice.  (90 min)

Sat 6/4 5:30, Tue 6/7 8:30, Sun 6/12 3:45, Tue 6/14 9:30, Thu 6/30 8:15, Sat 7/2 10:45


Zero Boy & Red Bastard
Performed by Zero Boy and Eric Davis

Performance artist, stand-up comic & "vocal acrobat" Zero Boy recounts his zany adventures in Zeroland through a unique blend of vocally-produced sound effects and mime.  A mass of anatomical balloons and balls ensconced red long-underwear, Red Bastard, is a Bouffon-styled clown apt to insult you until you die laughing., (60 min)

Sun 6/5 9:15, Sat 6/18 3:30, Wed 6/22 9:30