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The following shows, owing to some combination of attributes that have deemed them worthy of continuance, have been graced with extra performances throughout the month of July. We must now make it clear that you have no choice but to attend.


Old Kent Road Theater presents
The Children of Truffaut

Written and directed by Eric Bland

Winner of Two Pretentious Awards!
Most Organic Blend of Brechtian Acting and Meisner Technique: Scott Eckert

The Children of Truffaut thrusts eight characters drawn from 70's Continental cinema into a game of arousal, angst, bluster, pontification, and whimsy.   Godard, Fassbinder, Fellini, and Tarkovsky each provide the atmospheric starting point for a male/female unit.  Once the pairs are spawned, though, pretty much anything goes, especially transgression, nostalgia, and love.   This ain't yer momma's arthouse—unless your momma is the lovechild of Marcello Mastroianni and Hanna Schygulla.  In which case, I'd like to meet her. (75 min)

Thu 7/26 9pm, Fri 7/27 10pm, Sat 7/28 7pm, Sun 7/29 7pm


Every Play Ever Written:
A distillation of the essence of theatre

Conceived, Cultivated, Written, Directed and Presented by Robert Honeywell
In collaboration with Numerous Playwrights Throughout History and Lynn Berg, Audrey Crabtree and Moira Stone

Winner of Three Pretentious Awards!
Most Popular Penis: Robert Honeywell
Keenest Disappointment: Lynn Berg, Audrey Crabtree, Moira Stone
Hottiest, Sexiest Stage Manager from Tunisia: Rasha Zamamiri

What are the core themes, or drivers, if you will, the primary colors, of theatre? Its essence? Downtown theatre director, writer, actor, producer, visionary, auteur and co-artistic director, president, treasurer and member of the Board of Directors of The Brick Theater, Inc. (a non-profit corporation) and global time-and-space traveler Robert Honeywell and his collaborators Audrey, Lynn and Moira deliver a stunning lecture with live scenes, surveying the history of theatre, from early man (who was the first actor? the first director?) to the present and even the future, and distilling it into four extraordinary, but deceptively simple, core themes. Attend this lecture, and you'll never have to attend another play again. (90 min)

Thu 7/5 8pm, Sat 7/7 8pm, Thu 7/12 8pm, Sat 7/14 9pm, Sun 7/15 7pm



Blue Coyote Theatre Group presents
Interview With the Author

Written and performed by Matthew Freeman
Directed by Kyle Ancowitz

Winner of one Pretentious Award!
Most Understood (A Citation of Failure)

Celebrated upstart playwright Matthew Freeman presents an intimate live interview with Matthew Freeman, illuminating the audience with his views on matters of enormous consequence: his Art, his Life, and the Blogs he has loved and left behind. (60 min)

Fri 7/13 7pm, Sat 7/14 7pm, Fri 7/20 7pm, Sat 7/21 7pm


Piper McKenzie presents
Macbeth Without Words
Directed by Jeff Lewonczyk
Created with and performed by Fred Backus, Katie Brack, Hope Cartelli, Bryan Enk, Stacia French, Robert Pinnock, Robin Reed, Iracel Rivero

Soundscape by Ryan Holsopple

Winner of Two Pretentious Awards!
Densest Language Based on the Formula of a Picture Being Worth a Thousand Words
Master of the Bard: Aaron Baker, Bryan Enk, Stacia French (for involvement in Ian W. Hill's Hamlet and Macbeth Without Words)

Traditionally inferior to their British brethren in the presentation of Shakespeare, how can American actors approach the grandeur of the Bard?  Easy: by removing the all of that difficult, unnecessary language.  The latest installment of Piper McKenzie’s Bizarre Science Fantasy physical-theatre series, Macbeth Without Words presumes to improve upon the classic story about the original social climbers with an all-movement version inspired by silent film, modern dance and comic books – with extra emphasis on the gore, the ghosts, and the supernatural. (90 min)

Wed 7/11 8pm, Fri 7/13 9pm, Wed 7/18 8pm, Fri 7/20 9pm, Wed 7/25 8pm, Fri 7/27 8pm



Yudkowski Returns! (The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Dr. Eliezer Yudkowski)
Written and Directed by Bob Saietta

Winner of one Pretentious Award!
Best Use of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

In a seemingly deserted island, Dr. Eliezer Yudkowski and his artificial intelligence drones and cohorts wage a war to keep their circular narrative from ending.  Their only weapon?  The hope that humanity can finally evolve. (90 min)

Thu 7/26 7:30pm, Sat 7/28 3pm, Sat 7/28 9pm, Sun 7/29 3pm