The Brick Theater, Inc.

the second annual presentation of

The Too Soon Festival


Is the future happening now? Is the world whizzing past at a dizzying pace?
Are you both running to catch up and hiding away from it all?
Half-baked notions, frustrated youth, uncomfortable trends, traumatic events, terrifying predictions, raw nerves and un-come-upon comeuppances will be exploited, filmed, published, performed and presented before their time.

June 4 - 27, 2010
at The Brick

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Free Festival Events:
Too Soon

The Half-Cocked Preview Cabaret and Awards Ceremony
A Preview and Postmortem for the Too Soon Festival

In this special preview performance, several Too Soon shows will be exposed with their pants down, unready to open, scrambling to impress audiences. Intercut with the performances, awards celebrating the potential achievement of each Too Soon Festival show will be prematurely handed out by The Brick, with artists giving tearful acceptance speeches thanking everyone who contributed to each show’s presumed success. Attendees and participants alike will be confused but big-hearted about the whole affair.

Fri 6/4, 8pm

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Mainstage Shows:
All shows $18 unless otherwise noted.

cash test  

Cash Test Dummies

Some of New York City's best longform improv comedy teams compete for a winner-takes-all cash prize in head to head showdowns where you, the audience decide who will advance and who will come out on top! Each performance will be a completely original comedic work- never before seen, and never to be seen again. The competition will be fierce, so don't miss a minute of it!

Featuring The Boss, Thank You, Robot, Dog Court, Hello Laser, Sunshine & O'Neal and That Annoying Couple
Tickets: $6
2 hours, 15 minutes

Wed 6/9, 8:45pm





Danny and Jillian met one night at a wine bar, and instead of dating, they decided to write a play together. And star in it. Playing each other. The star-cross'd cross dressers develop their show; one thinks they're in love, the other thinks they're just friends. Eventually, through the power of Mexican pop music, endless conversation, and transvestism, they realize that there's more than one kind of CHEMISTRY.

Written by Danny Bowes and Jillian Tully
Directed by Danny Bowes
75 minutes

Sun 6/6, 5pm
F ri 6/11, 7:30pm
Sat 6/12, 10:45pm
Tue 6/15, 8:45pm
Thu 6/17, 7pm





Dandilion and the Amazing Bicycle Powered Cloud Plane

It was just a simple game of jacks in the yard. Just a good older brother teaching his baby sister about greed and gain and skill and domination... Just good clean fun in the yard on a sunny afternoon.  Then they came. The Pig People. They came to take her away. Then there could be nothing but hell to pay.  There are, as we know, two sides to every story. There is a lot of energy and time that go into destruction, revenge, and vigilante justice.  This ingenuity is also what dazzles and amazes and inspires those it is brought against. Dandilion and the Amazing Bicycle Powered Cloud Plane is a simple story of misunderstood motives.  There are Pig People. Hijinks are inevitable.

The Tiny Black Hearts
Written by Heather Coffey and Andy Hadaway
Directed by Heather Coffey
45 minutes

Tue 6/15, 7pm
Sat 6/19, 1:30pm
Sun 6/20, 7pm
Fri 6/25, 11:15pm
Sun 6/27, 2pm






Death Is a Scream

What if you could choose your own "ending"? With the help of a highly skilled Death Agent, you can! And after you buy the farm, a “Corpsetologist” will make you look like your favorite celebrity, model, or head of state. These and other death-dealing characters await you in Esther Crow’s one-woman variety show, “Death Is a Scream”. The Village Voice has said “….[Crow] writes and performs with charm and compassion.” Chock full of gallows humor and “untimely” music, this show will take you by surprise. Kinda like death itself.

Written by Esther Crow
Directed by Rabeah Ghaffari
50 minutes

Watch the video promo!

Fri 6/11, 9:30pm
Fri 6/18, 7pm
Sat 6/19, 3pm
Sun 6/20, 5pm
Wed 6/23, 7pm





Hack! an I.T. Spaghetti Western

When Hedge fund I.T. employees, Cal, Dash, and Jay, discover that they’ve been hacked – and that the hack is one of them - they scramble to pin it on each other to snag the gold in this ultimate showdown of the Good, the Bad and the Geek. A recent hit at this season’s Vampire Cowboys Saloon Series, watching HACK! The Live DVD Cut is just like popping in a DVD to watch your favorite episodes where you even get to select the extras (deleted scenes, bloopers, commentary) that are acted out in front of you!

Hack! Theatrics and Impetuous Theater Group
Written by Crystal Skillman
Directed by John Hurley
75 minutes

Thu 6/10, 7pm
Sat 6/12, 8:45pm
Sun 6/13, 2pm
Wed 6/16, 7pm
Sat 6/19, 7pm
Sun 6/27, 8:30pm





Happily After Tonight

Once upon a time, we all heard stories. Stories of princes and princesses, villains defeated, and good triumphing over evil. Each fairy tale our parents told us ended with a charming "Happily Ever After..." But what followed were stories much darker, stories that happened after those famous endings, and they've never been told. Until now. From Sleeping Beauty to Alice in Wonderland to Little Red Riding Hood, we will take everything you think you know and turn it on it's head. Because no one is guaranteed a happy ending here. Welcome to Happily After Tonight. It ain't your parents f*$king fairy tale...

Written and directed by Mateo Moreno
60 minutes

Wed 6/9, 7pm
Sun 6/13, 8pm
Fri 6/18, 8:45pm
Tue 6/22, 7pm
Thu 6/24, 7pm





Jeanine's Abortion: A Play in One Trimester

Jeannine’s Abortion: A Play in One Trimester follows Jeannine and several of her peers over three months in New York City, during which time they exist with one another and Jeannine has an abortion.

A Hope & Eric Show: An Experiment from Piper McKenzie and Old Kent Road
Written by Eric Bland
Directed by Hope Cartelli
70 minutes

Thu 6/24, 8:45pm
Fri 6/25, 7pm
Sat 6/26, 2:30pm
Sun 6/27, 6:30pm






Redbeard & Domicella

In Redbeard & Domicella, two high school sweethearts deliver a bold retrospective of their young marriage in “he said, she said” fashion. The witty, irrepressible Redbeard works in a bicycle shop near Brighton Beach; the slightly-built, titanic-hearted Domicella splits her time between a desk at the District Attorney’s Office, and the kitchen table where she writes. This is the story of the old man and the noise. It speaks (too soon?) about instances of loss as disparate as September 11th and Michael Jackson’s death, as well as Domicella’s own close scrape on the wild streets of New York.

Hearth Gods
Written by Kasia Nikhamina
Directed by Michael Rau
60 minutes

Sat 6/5, 6pm
Tue 6/8, 7pm
Sat 6/12, 7pm
Sun 6/13, 4:30pm
Wed 6/16, 9pm






JD Salinger has finally kicked the bucket. Join the Plastic Flamingo Theatre Company as we say good riddance, and celebrate the life and death of the renowned author of Catcher in the Rye. Expect funeral dancing, keening, angst, and artistic piracy. It’s a licensing free post-Salinger utopia, and we’re not waiting around for no stinkin’ public domain. So, bring your favorite dog-eared copy of Franny and Zooey and some Kleenex, you phonies. RIP JD: A Celebration of Death is waiting for you.

Plastic Flamingo Theatre Company
Written by Erin Austin and Ross Evans
Directed by Ross Evans
90 minutes

Watch the video promo!

Sat 6/5, 3pm
Sun 6/6, 7pm
Sat 6/12, 4:30pm
Sat 6/19, 9:15pm
Fri 6/25, 9pm




soft shoe


That Old Soft Shoe

Playwright Matthew Freeman, director Kyle Ancowitz, and Blue Coyote Theater Group return to the Brick with That Old Soft Shoe, a redacted comedy. Their previous appearances include the much ballyhooed productions of Glee Club and An Interview with the Author. In That Old Soft Shoe, a Senator from the Pacific Northwest arrives to inspect the goings-on in an undisclosed location, throwing the staff into turmoil. Will their dancing lessons prove sufficient? Or will they all wind up working at a phone bank in Dallas? After all, it’s a new administration.

Blue Coyote Theatre Group
Written by Matt Freeman
Directed by Kyle Ancowitz
90 minutes

Sun 6/6, 2:30pm
Tue 6/8, 8:45pm
Wed 6/23, 8:45pm
Sat 6/26, 7pm
Sun 6/27, 4pm





The Wedding of Berit Johnson & Ian W. Hill: A Theatre Study by Ian W. Hill & Berit Johnson

Ian W. Hill and Berit Johnson have been making theatre as partners in life and work for ten years – Ian in front as director and actor; Berit, who only wants anonymity, behind-the-scenes. Seven years ago, though neither believed in it, they decided on marrying for practical reasons. In order for it to have actual meaning for them, they’ve chosen to make their marriage a piece of experimental theatre, with a 4-performance run, and a cast of Brick Theater regulars. Is this marriage possibly happening too soon, or too late, and will Berit actually agree to participate in the ceremony itself?

Gemini CollisionWorks
Written, directed and designed by Ian W. Hill
75 minutes

Sat 6/19, 4:45pm
Sun 6/20, 3pm
Tue 6/22, 8:45pm
Sat 6/26, 4:30pm

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