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No More Beautiful Dances

January 21 - January 23
Anabella Lenzu

Split bill with Becky's Lament "No more beautiful dances” wrestles with the ideas of exploration, introspection, and reframing of a woman after becoming a mother, and being an immigrant. Lenzu’s dance theater piece uses spoken word, drawings, and video projections to tell a personal vision of femininity, and what it means to be a woman today. Choreographer/Dancer: Anabella Lenzu Video Projection Design: Todd Carroll Director: Daniel Pettrow Costumes: Jennifer Johanos "No More Beautiful Dances," a dance/theater solo in which the…

Becky’s Lament

January 21 - January 23

Split bill with No More Beautiful Dances Becky’s life in her sweet little hometown is delightful—or is it? Follow her down memory lane, over, under, around and through the unspeakable “Incident” she won’t let herself remember. CJ Holm creates and explodes Becky’s world through text, movement, music, and authentic Midwestern cuisine. written, choreographed, and performed by CJ Holm​ Inspired by a trip to the rural Midwest, writer/choreographer CJ Holm began to imagine an alternate self whose parents hadn’t gotten out…

FEATURING… Exponential at The Brick

January 24 - January 25

Featuring, in no particular order: Mamimumu with Leonie Bell and Andrew Murdock This is a fake scientific experiment about the relationship between hoarders and airplanes. This is the nostalgizing and repurposing of memories to avoid misanthropy. This is immersive fan-fiction about the trips our parents went on. Don’t worry, snacks will be provided. Avanti popolo! * This piece was developed with the support of the Founder’s Artist-in-Residency Program at the Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation L'iat L’iat (Language is a Thing),…

BrickFlix presents: Mary Harron’s Charlie Says

January 27

The inaugural year of BrickFlix, a monthly screening series at The Brick in Williamsburg, will include sneak previews, revivals, vintage short programs, visits from prominent filmmakers, and live music/poetry/dance/burlesque. Plus free pizza. All for only $10. The program opens on January 27th with Charlie Says (2019), Mary Harron's searing portrayal of the incarcerated Manson girls, with a fabulous soundtrack including Love and the Thirteen Floor Elevators. Live music by Marianne Rendon (Charlie Says co-star) & Odetta Hartman (Old Rockhounds Never Die). Director Mary…

RATED BLACK: An American Requiem

January 30 - February 1

A solo show that weaves together original poetry, music, and songs, sung by a small choir, to bury a young Black man and heal a country. Written & Performed by Kareem M. Lucas Directed by LA Williams Original Music & Arrangements by Avi A. Amon Lighting Design by Derek Van Heel A young Black man from Brooklyn hosts his own Homegoing (funeral) service as a way for himself to prepare to die and to honor the memory of the unarmed…

Bernie Sanders Wants to Take Away My Fire Island Time Share – a gay fantasia on national themes

February 5

In a hyper capitalist dystopian future, a corporate gay man goes onto QVC (the only source of News, Art and Culture) to explain to Ellen Degeneres why he chose to spend the last 9 years living underground in the New York City Subway system after Bernie Sanders announced his 2020 presidential run. This surrealist, psychedelic comedy observes how gay men have poorly adapted to late stage capitalism by losing their queer identity to neoliberalism. FEATURING: I’m Going To Marry Your…

Identity Crisis

February 6
Handan Ozbilgin

Come celebrate the launch of newly founded NY based global ensemble Identity Crisis! Identity Crisis (also known as IdC) is a global theater ensemble based in NYC. IdC will feature English translations of works from Turkey, Balkans, Middle East and the Mediterranean. IdC will create a platform for exploration, conversation, revelation and the celebration of our common humanity. The evening will be hosted by renowned Turkish actors, Sinan Eczacibasi and Defne Halman. Delicious beverages and treats will be available! FEATURING:…

Bandit: The Story of Hillary in Prison

February 7 - February 7
Nick Naney

Hillary Rodham Clinton goes to prison and must learn kung fu to survive. FEATURING: Jessy Morner-Ritt, Brett Davis, Marcia Belsky, Edy Modica, Casey James Salengo, Caroline Yost, Sally Burtnick, Diego Lopez, Rachel Kaly, Meaghan Strickland, Mary Houlihan, Mara Wiles, Clare O'Kane, & Danny Groh. Written and Directed by Nick Naney. Music by Steven Desiena. On January 20th 2017 disgraced presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is locked up in Douglas State Penitentiary for the federal crimes she has been exposed for…

The Hopelessly Hopeless Story of All Good Girls

February 13 - February 16
Fringe and Fur

The Hopelessly Hopeless Story of All Good Girls explores the inner lives of two women- a grandmother and granddaughter- who have experienced an unspeakable loss. They live in a ranch house together, trapped in Colorado, and ruled by their inherited domestic rituals. They go to the store, they dress up in fancy clothes, they smoke cigarettes, they sink into depression, they dread the phone’s ringing, and they drink very tall glasses of whole milk. All is revealed when they both…

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As of January 1, 2020 the new artistic team of the Brick has fully moved in: Theresa Buchheister has assumed the role of Artistic Director of The Brick. Theresa is joined by Associate Artistic Directors Ryan William Downey and Travis Just, along with a team of collaborators that includes Harrison Rivers, Nicolás Noreña, Justin Linville, Yuki Kawahisa, Teresa Braun, and Alyse Lamb.

They are honored to have the trust and support of co-founders Michael Gardner and Robert Honeywell and the Board of Directors, as they take the space in new directions, building on valuable time spent in downtown theatres, Brooklyn DIY venues, and weird basements.

This new team will usher The Brick into its third decade with a bold new vision and an abiding belief in the power of art. With a renewed focus on multi-week theatrical runs and a dynamic line-up of singular one-off events, The Brick will remain Williamsburg’s primary incubator of innovative theater and performing arts.

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