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October 27
Shawn Escarciga

As part of the City Artists Corps initiative from the New York Foundation for the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, BLAH is an evening of art and performance organized by Shawn Escarciga. Bringing together some of the most playful and powerful creative voices from across New York CIty’s artistic disciplines, BLAH celebrates innovation, honors artistic ancestry, and is also a place for artists to straight up fuck around. BLAH is an attempt at ethical collaboration—championing fair artist pay, community accessibility, and a space for unique work to thrive, while making room for networks that might not ordinarily co-mingle to come together (vaxxed and masked obv). BLAH is spooky, ooky, kooky, and scary, but mostly its a joyful pre-Halloween evening of watching the ghouls do their thing.

James Moore & Andie Tanning

November 3
with special guests Emily Hope Price & Alba Par

The Brick presents James Moore and Andie Tanning with special guests Emily Hope Price & Alba Par November 3 8pm An evening of adventurous music and song featuring the duo of James Moore (resonator guitar) and Andie Tanning (violin), cellist/vocalist Emily Hope Price, and the Argentinian duo Alba Par (Clara Elena Montes, voice, Francisco del Pino, guitar). Moore & Tanning present an eclectic set of new compositions for violin, guitar, and voices, featuring music by Robert Ashley and the NY…


November 5

Featuring original music and madness, HYPERFANTASIA is a transdisciplinary sci-fi fantasy drag cabaret that begins at the Big Bang and culminates in a vision of queer utopia. Hosted by Tiresias, the blind prophet of the Underworld, this miniature epic draws on new evolutionary theories and ancient queer wisdom to dismantle the survival-of-the-fittest paradigm in celebration of extravagance, impracticality, and camp. With special guests Klondyke, Sweaty Eddie, and Esther. Special Guests Klondyke Esther and Sweaty Eddie Production managed by Jack Daniel…


November 6
Lydia Mokdessi and Jason Bartell

Performed over four hours by Lydia Mokdessi, Jason Bartell, and Syd Island, opulent loops and cinematic imagery create a pleasurable meditative experience within a harsh audiovisual environment.

Gestating Baby Volume 1: Jerry Lieblich and Robert Malbrough

November 11 - November 13
Robert Malbrough and Jerry Lieblich

The Brick presents Gestating Baby Volume 1: Jerry Lieblich and Robert Malbrough November 11-13 8pm Featuring Two New Works Holy Ghost People and Mahinerator *** Holy Ghost People Written by Joshua Young Performed by RJ Christian Jacob Cowan Kristin Sgarro Anna Stacy Rachel Weekley Costumes by LA Clevenson Lights by Mike Schulz A phantasmagoria about otherness, space, time-travel, religion, bodies, and bad photography. Holy ghost people is a bad name for them. but we can’t shuck it away. it clings.…

Sisters, Weywrd

November 19 - November 20
Rebecca Quinn Robertson

The Brick presents Sisters, Weywrd by Rebecca Quinn Robertson November 19 and 20 8pm Fires bubble and cauldrons burn when three old friends meet for a reunion, which quickly evolves from a nostalgic tête a tête to a visceral excavation of the surreal events of their shared past - as teenagers at summer theater camp. Nicole Pursell - director and performer Audrey Hailes - movement director and performer Rebecca Robertson - writer and performer What wickedness is born when young…

Re-Inventing Love

November 26 - November 27
Marija Krtolica

The Brick presents Re-Inventing Love by Marija Krtolica November 26 and 27 8pm Re-Inventing Love sources from the writing of the philosopher Alain Badiou and surrealist poetry to create an embodied poetics. Dramatic pathos, irony, moments of isolated beauty from everyday urban life, and bold kinetic expression combine to create startling scenes. “Re-Inventing Love” revolves around amorous relationships at the time of a socio-economic crisis. The starting point is love as a truth procedure through which we can get to…

Sonntags wird gelogen Or We Only Lie on Sundays

December 2 - December 12
Leonie Bell with LOCAL GRANDMA

In this dark humor Tanztheater landscape, matriarchal lineages converge and convene with mistranslations, misunderstandings, mundane anecdotes, and your weird neighbor. Cacophonies of choral song and pedestrian movement; performed in German, English, & Denglish. The Brick Presents: Sonntags wird gelogen Or We Only Lie On Sundays Created by Leonie Bell with LOCAL GRANDMA December 2 - 5 & 9 - 12, 2021 at the Brick Theater On a random Montag in time: Mama waits for her long-lost husband to return from…

Like the Wind

December 19 - December 20
Sam Rosenblatt & Elspeth Collard

The Brick in association with Collard & Rosenblatt presents a staged reading of Like The Wind December 19 and 20 8pm Like the Wind is a new electronica-pop musical that explores the lives of Bennie and Cai, two queer teenagers running away from a conversion therapy facility in the summer of 2018. Loosely inspired by Bonnie and Clyde, Bennie and Cai choose to change the fate that society has set for them and break through the constraints of expectations and…

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As of January 1, 2020 the new artistic team of the Brick has fully moved in: Theresa Buchheister has assumed the role of Artistic Director of The Brick. Theresa is joined by Associate Artistic Directors Ryan William Downey and Travis Just, along with a team of collaborators that includes Harrison Rivers, Nicolás Noreña, Justin Linville, Yuki Kawahisa, Teresa Braun, and Alyse Lamb.

They are honored to have the trust and support of co-founders Michael Gardner and Robert Honeywell and the Board of Directors, as they take the space in new directions, building on valuable time spent in downtown theatres, Brooklyn DIY venues, and weird basements.

This new team will usher The Brick into its third decade with a bold new vision and an abiding belief in the power of art. With a renewed focus on multi-week theatrical runs and a dynamic line-up of singular one-off events, The Brick will remain Williamsburg’s primary incubator of innovative theater and performing arts.

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