We Are Fundraising

Hello Brick Friends,

When we opened the Brick’s doors to welcome our first in-person audience in over a year, we found ourselves almost stunned by what was once a regular sight. A small group of real live people on Metropolitan Ave waiting for showtime – an even more intimate group than usual, at the time we could only safely seat 10 people inside. It was a thrill. There you were, walking through our doors after so long, your faces masked up but open to see something new. It was especially profound because for a time we thought we might never roll up our rollgate again. 

By this time last year, we’d been privately struggling to pay the rent, hesitant to ask for help from a community also facing unforeseen challenges. We were determined to fight, we got creative about cutting costs, we hustled for every kind of relief we could access. But until recently, it was hard to envision how we’d ever get back to sharing the space with you and our artists and neighbors.

It is so, so good to see you again.

Even while our space was locked down, you kept showing up for the Brick. You tuned into weekly digital performances on Twitch and YouTube, volunteered to support protest movements with comfort stations and supplies, toured artwork in our one-on-one gallery installation. And as conditions became safer with vaccinations, you returned to join us for in-person performances, embracing new safety protocols with grace and understanding, cheering for artists from under your mask – thank you truly for bringing life back into our once empty room.

Now, nearly every night you have a chance to discover a wildly different experience of any form of expression you can imagine on the Brick stage. Your enthusiasm has been electrifying – some of the warmest audiences we’ve ever had came out for !?:New Works and Never Let Go this fall! But we can’t sustain what it takes to create this volume of new performance through ticket sales alone – your support is essential to the artists who take big risks on our stage, and keeps ticket prices accessible to all audiences in our community.

Will you donate to the Brick today, and ensure many more wild evenings of performance to come?

With your donation, you invest in every artist on our stage, not only valuing their creative labor but surrounding them with a community of care. Your gift, of any size, contributes to the eclectic energy of the Brick and creates an environment where almost anything is possible on any given night. 

By sticking with us through a tough yesterday, you gave us the courage to recommit to our ideals – making space for those that need it, paying artists, listening to our communities and adjusting continually. It’s with this shared belief that we all can look forward to the possibility of tomorrow. We can’t wait to see you again, and show you what’s next!

With warmest regards,
The Brick

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