Alexander Technique with Garlan Jude

The Brick presents
Alexander Technique Group Session
with Garlan Jude
August 27 @ 1pm September 17, October 22, and November 19 @ 2pm 
at Brick Aux – 628 Metropolitan Ave

The Alexander Technique is an experience in mindful consciousness of how we react to and engage with the world around us. AT shows us how the mind and body can connect together in order to easefully handle the ever influx of stimulus we are presented with on a daily basis. AT can offer options and choices in how to find freedom in thought and movement; to release unwanted tension and explore an attitude toward expansive length, width and dimensionality throughout our whole selves. 

Group classes offer an opportunity to explore within yourself while also being conscious of and engaged with individuals and space around you. Classes will begin with a guided lie down to open ourselves to this very possibility. Visuals, body mapping, basic anatomy and explorative activities will be offered to show how our thinking can lead to palpable changes throughout our whole selves–mind and body, up and down, front and back and all the space in between.

One-on-one sessions available upon request, reach out to to inquire.

Garlan Jude Brosnahan (they/them) completed their AmSAT certified training of 1600 hours at Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique (RIAT) directed by Nanette Walsh with associate directors Ariel Carson and Lori Schiff. Garlan is a performance artist, theater director, writer, cabaret artist, emcee and performance curator. They’re attuned in Level I & II Usui Reiki by masters Aki Hirata Baker and Manu DelPrete from MINKA Brooklyn.

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