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A month by month look at what lies on the horizon.

Dates and details are subject to change.

February 2023:
-Feb 10 and 11: Karaoke Means Joy with Allie Pinel
-Feb 13: BrickFlix
-Feb 16-18: Gestating Baby with Harold Lehmann and Aya Saotome
-Feb 19: How To… with Paul Ketchum, Ann Marie Dorr and Friends
-Feb 24-25: Geraldine Realigned by Billy McEntee
-Feb 28-March 2: RETURN by Naomi Tanner

March 2023:
-March 5-6: Jaime Sunwoo
-March 9-12: My Cousin Nelu Is Not Gay by Diana Lobontiu
-March 15-18: Fran Pado and Katharine Scarborough+Tim Girrbach
-March 19: Dave Ruder
-March 23-26: M3LTDOWN by Alex Aguirre, directed by Kelly Lamanna
-March 30-April 1: Max Keane and Nicholas Browne

April 2023:
-April 5-22: ?!:New Works p.1 featuring 30 amazing artists on 15 unique bills, hosted by Garlan Jude
-April 27-30: Alex Franz Zehetbauer

May 2023:
-Object Collection
-King of Nothing by Bobby Malbrough

June 2023:
-Experiments in Opera (EiO)
-Clara Weist
-?!:New Works p.2 featuring 15 amazing artists on 5 unique bills, hosted by Garlan Jude
-Queer Butoh

July 2023:
-Hillary Gao
-The Room: A Full Staged Reading of the Film by Title:Point
-Ben Holbrook

August 2023:
-Ben Holbrook
-?!:New Works p.3 featuring 25 amazing artists on 10 unique bills, hosted by Garlan Jude
-Eliza Bent

September 2023:
-Eliza Bent
-Jesi Bender

October 2023:
-Maya Sharpe
-Karaoke Megathon 2.0

November 2023:
-Eric Dyer

December 2023:
-Leonie Bell

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