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Peek Pique Peak: Split Bills Featuring…

Phillip Christian Smith, lumberob, Lena Engelstein and Jo Warren, Rose Tang, and Nathan Repasz

September 7 - September 10


The Brick presents
Peek Pique Peak: Split Bills Featuring…
Phillip Christian Smith, lumberob, Lena Engelstein and Jo Warren, Rose Tang, and Nathan Repasz
September 7-10

September 7 – Phillip Christian Smith and lumberob
September 8 – Phillip Christian Smith and Lena Engelstein and Jo Warren
September 9 – Lena Engelstein and Jo Warren and Rose Tang
September 10 – Nathan Repasz and lumberob

Hosted by Peter Mills Weiss

Peek Pique Peak presents glimpses into the artistry and minds of truly unique artists creating in mixed mediums, ranging from dance to music to looping to theater to comedy to vocal experimentation to philosophical examination. It features people at the top of one or more forms and it is not to be missed.

by Phillip Christian Smith

Kate and Todd give an earnest talk to the interns of The Den theatre company in 1997.

Playwright: Phillip Christian Smith
Director: Jack Serio
Producer: Jess Lauricello, The Omnivores

Kate and Todd actors in their late 20’s early 30’s hold a first meeting for The Denizens, the intern theatre company for The Den Theatre company in 1997. They are told how it’s a real job even though they don’t get paid, how they’ll get to meet famous actors when they work as waiters at the gala, how some of the girls have even gotten meetings with Harvey in his suite, how the gay ones should be hiding who they are the second they walk in the lobby to audition, and how other than the legit character actors, no one should be fat—it’s all standard fare for an intern in the 90’s, right.

cw: horrible points of view from the 90s

Follow them: @phillipchristiansmith

fitness protection program, a lumberobics demonstration
by rob erickson with laura peterson

We work it out.

cw: loud music

Special Thanks: Open Arts Studio

Find them: @lumberob @lpchoreography

Brother, I’m frightened
by Lena Engelstein and Jo Warren

An aging abbess wakes with aching feet. A little peasant boy day-dreams as he walks 70 paces from the bakers to the little farm, unattended. They spin until they are lost; they shake themselves free of devilish thoughts – they find union in one another.

Created and Performed by Jo Warren & Lena Engelstein
Music by William Moore, Anonymous 4 (Sacred Harp Singing Group)

Lena and Jo sequestered themselves in the old schoolhouses and converted inns of New England in an attempt to transcend the unending vacillation between salvation and despair and this is what they made.

Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk

Find them: @jo__warren @lenaengelstein

Weird Shit
by Sonic Slut & Her Toys

Rose Tang‘s debut solo talking shit and playing Weird Shit.

Written and Performed by Rose Tang

Rose Tang debuts her solo act Weird Shit telling stories, throwing bad puns and punchlines talking shit in general. Stone-age musings are mixed with real stories of absurdity she experienced or witnessed over the last 3 decades as an activist and journalist around Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas. If you won’t laugh at her Weird Shit, she vows to perform Tangfu, or Ticklefu — she’ll come tickle you.

Photo by Paul Kennedy

cw: swear words

Find them: Youtube, Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook Twitter, Medium

National Hot Dog Day 2
by Nathan Repasz

Nonsense enthusiast Nathan Repasz revives his 2020 linguo-percussive collaboration with Mitt Romney and adds a new installment to honor Mitt’s 2023 celebration of National Hot Dog Day.

by Nathan Repasz, with source material by Mitt Romney

“National Hot Dog Day” is a structured improvisation for object percussion, voice, and an iPad video clip of Mitt Romney, originally live-streamed in the 2020 quarantine. It rhythmically and semiotically probes the artifice of political language via repetition, spontaneous musical evolution, and, ultimately, recapitulation. By repeating a lightly dystopian clip of the android-esque Romney declaring “hot dog” to be his favorite meat, the piece unravels the façade of white Americana – military garb, bipartisan politicking, machine-processed hot dogs – for the corporatist pseudoculture that it is. This performance will feature an all-new portion, as Romney celebrated the holiday again this year with a fresh, abjectly absurd performance.

photo by David Rauch

Follow them: IG: @the1truegoiter nathanrepasz.com YT: Nathan Repasz


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