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What does The Brick do and how do I get involved?

The Brick is enthusiastically committed to presenting a wild variety of art, artists, projects, concepts and events in our space. We do a lot but we cannot possibly do everything. This is a guide to what we do and don’t do. If it feels like a good fit, please apply. If not, there’s surely a home out there for your idea.

We recommend that, before applying to present at The Brick, artists take the time and join us for an event. There is no better way to see the scale and capabilities of the space, and to determine if The Brick is a potential fit for your work. We consider artistic ambition, achievability, and vibe in equal measure.

Our curation team meets once a month to discuss proposals and we are booked well in advance. Proposals should be at least 6 months in advance of the date(s) of the event.

You can view our tech specs at:
and see many examples of recent productions on our photos page.

What we do:
-experiments in form, content and style
-weirdo, bonkers, bizarro vibes
-new, original, ambitious, groundbreaking work
-DIY and DIT creatives
-theater, dance, comedy, music, performance art, impossible-to-define
-artists that are engaged, care about people and the space, and are eager to participate

What we don’t:
-casting or producing
-the classics (yes, even that one. yes, even with that clever spin.)
-pop theater


Full Production (2-6 Week Run)
One Week Run
One Day Special Events
Gestating Baby
?!:New Works
Exponential Festival

Apply for each type of project you are interested in.

You can submit the same piece for more than one type of project.

Please keep in mind that our curation team meets monthly and that we rarely book events less than 6 months in advance. We will respond to every submission, please be patient.

Scroll down to apply.

Every project is supported in unique ways, but across the board The Brick team will support all artists leading up to your time in the space via promotional support, box office staffing, production/creative meetings, 50/50 box office split, Materials For The Arts access, documentation support and reduced rate rehearsal space at 628 Metropolitan, calendar permitting.

The Brick Curation Team is Matthew Antoci, Theresa Buchheister, Jaclyn Biskup, Yuki Kawahisa, Alyse Lamb, Anabella Lenzu, Nadia Pinder.

Descriptions of Types of Projects

Resident Artist Program (2-4 Week Run)
This is for a project that needs multiple weeks in the space to achieve its artistic goals.
Curated by The Brick Curation Team

Applications by Invite Only

Weekend Run
A mini-run, perfect for dance, comedy, theater ideas that are past the workshop phase but not desirous of a multi-week run.

Apply HERE

One-Day Special Events
A special, one of a kind event, examples might include a variety night curated by you, a themed party (the more ridiculous the better), a durational reading of a novel, etc. Think outside the black box.
Curated by The Brick Curation Team

Apply HERE

Gestating Baby
A quarterly event (4 times a year), pairing two artists, each presenting 20-45 minutes.
Curated by Theresa Buchheister and Ryan William Downey

Gestating Baby is sunsetting in 2024, join us for the final installments in September and December.

?!:New Works
A yearly multi-week festival of 1-20 minute new works in all mediums featuring your most brilliant/disastrous ideas! Curated by The Brick Curation team, hosted by Garlan Jude.

Applications for ?!:New Works 2025 applications open in September.

Apply HERE in September.

Performances for ?!: New Works will take place in April, 2025.

A semi-regular night of short (1-10 minutes) and unforgettable presentations.
Curated by Jillian Jetton and Theresa Buchheister
Email to inquire!
The next SalOns! are June 2, August 12, October 12, January 5.

The Exponential Festival
This festival takes place in January across multiple Brooklyn venues, including The Brick.
Applications are announced by The Exponential Festival and open the day the festival ends. The Brick shares via our newsletter and socials.
Curated by The Exponential Festival Curation Team.
Check for updates

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