David Kinder: A Life in Oil

Brick Aux presents
David Kinder: A Life in Oil
Curated by Carol Buchheister and Kandee Klein
Produced by Theresa Buchheister
at Brick Aux Gallery – 628 Metropolitan Ave
February 9 – March 9, 2024

A month-long exhibit showcasing the life’s work of David Kinder (1950-2019) featuring 12 original oil paintings and a selection of gorgeous prints. Mr. Kinder’s work is being shown in New York for the first time. 

Opening Reception February 10 4-8pm

Closing Party March 9 4-8pm

Weekly hours are 12-6 on weekends and by appointment outside of that. We are trying to be open all day every day, so feel free to reach out for information. theresa@bricktheater.com

Producer’s Note:
David Kinder was my uncle. Certainly he was much more than that, as you will see from the beautiful array of art that spans decades which my mother/his sister, Carol Buchheister, and his widow, Kandee Klein, have driven to Brooklyn from Kansas. But that is the lens of my experience and the one that rattles around most in my heart and mind. When I was really little, he was the mysterious uncle whose art lived in the bomb shelter in my grandparents’ basement and was allowed to sleep in the good room. As a teen, we started having long conversations away from the noise and silliness, which played into my deep seriousness about art and reason. As I made my way through college, his belief in my pursuits as an adult validated my artistic ambitions and encouraged me to be a bit audacious. When he was given 7 months to live, we talked more than we had in years. It was painful and I am very grateful for it. Getting this show together has been an epic undertaking for my mom and Kandee. It has been emotional. It has been exhaustive. But it is a great honor to share David’s work in New York. It is so so worth it.
Theresa Buchheister

David Kinder relentlessly painted and examined his practice of painting for over 50 years, as a practitioner and as an educator. As a practitioner, he honed his skills and followed his evolving interests, fascinations and passions. As an educator, he led the program at Garden City Community College in Kansas for 25 years and inspired his students through critique and example. 

He grew up in Dodge City and graduated from Dodge City High School in 1968. David served in the United States Army from 1970-72. He earned a bachelor of arts degree from Bethany College in 1974, graduating magna cum laude, before completing a master of fine arts degree from Wichita State in 1976. David later graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor of arts education degree from Wichita State in 1985.

He was also instrumental in the creation of the Mercer Art Gallery at GCCC, curating the gallery until his retirement.

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