?!: New Works

Welcome to ?!:New Works! (?! is pronounced ‘Interrobang’).

We are so happy that you are interested in presenting a new, challenging, wild, and fantastic performance piece at this year’s ?!:New Works Festival, taking place at The Brick Theater in September 2021. These performances will be live and in person.

The spiritual successor to The Exponential Festival, ?!:New Works features a veritable slew of experiment(al)(ing) artists from a variety of disciplines presenting brand new work. Working it out. With each other. With you. All within a few weeks.

When submitting, please consider the type of work of that ?!:New Works presents. We are looking for new, original works that have not yet been presented elsewhere. As our slogan goes, we want your most brilliant and potentially disastrous work. It is ok if you are still figuring it out but be specific about what you can present in a short amount of time. We love a work in progress. We celebrate an excerpt from an upcoming show in development. We extoll the virtues of trying something that terrifies you (and hopefully us!).

But also, ?!:New Works is a fast paced, collaborative festival of split bills and mixed genres. Being able to produce with limitations and working well with others is essential. Set up and tear down should be a matter of minutes, and all pieces must be less than 20 minutes (no exceptions). We will help make sure your performance looks and sounds great but these evenings work best when everyone is excited to work together.

In short: No Meanies.

If you are hoping to present a play reading, the next great stage musical with 18 musicians, or a gross out performance art piece that requires gallons of goo being spread across the stage, know that we love you very much, but this is not the particular festival to present your work in.

2021 will be year five of ?!:New Works, a project built to bring people together, create space for deep dives into weird projects and facilitate presentations of 20 minutes (or less) of that project on a tone- and vibe-based split bill.

All artists who are chosen to participate in the festival will be given a small stipend ($50) per performance.

Please reach out to theresa@bricktheater.com for additional questions.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

-The Brick Team-

Application Deadline: 11:59pm Monday July 19, 2021

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