?!: New Works

Welcome to ?!:New Works! (?! is pronounced ‘Interrobang’)

?!:New Works is a yearly multi-week festival of 1-20 minute new works in all mediums featuring your most brilliant/disastrous ideas!

The spiritual successor to The Exponential Festival, ?!:New Works features a veritable slew of experiment(al)(ing) artists from a variety of disciplines presenting brand new work. Working it out. With each other. With you. All within a few weeks.

Here is our lineup for 2023! Much more to come soon.

April 5 – lumberob, Marissa Joyce Stamps and Russell Nichols, Madison Fargo, Home for a Swarm of Bees
April 6 – Charlene Jean, Andres Osorio, Erin Proctor
April 7 – Mike Steele, Charlie Chauca, Emmanuelle Zagoria, Justine-Juliette
April 8 – Nick Anselmo, Graham Techler, Cameron Barnett, Kevin Laibson
April 9 – Marija Krtolica, Sofia Engelman, Taiwo Aloba, Enrique Huili
April 12 – Sofia Engelman, Brynn Hambley, Taiwo Aloba, Mason Cummings
April 13 – Charlene Jean, Abs Wilson, James LaBella, Kevin Laibson
April 14 – Thomas Woodward Davis, Madeleine Yu-Phelps, Erin Proctor, Justine-Juliette
April 15 – Andres Osorio, Emmanuelle Zagoria, Abs Wilson, Charlene Jean
April 16 – Marija Krtolica, Enrique Huili, Nick Alselmo, Rebecca Patek
April 18 – Taiwo Aloba, Mason Cummings, Nick Alselmo, Rebecca Patek
April 19 – Graham Techler, James LaBella, Madeleine Yu-Phelps, Nathan Repasz
April 20 – Leonie Bell, Marissa Joyce Stamps and Russell Nichols, Home for a Swarm of Bees, Simon Henriques, Mike Steele
April 21 – lumberob, Charlie Chauca, Marissa Joyce Stamps and Russell Nichols, Lee Harrison Daniel
April 22 – Leonie Bell, Nathan Repasz, Charlie Chauca, Madeleine Yu-Phelps, Madison Fargo

June 19 – Art Kopischke, Mark WIlson, Miranda Brown and Noa Weiss, Daniel Holzman
June 20 – Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin, Mark Wilson, Meaghan Robichaud and Matthew Antoci, TJ Lewis
June 21 – Nazlah Black, Daniel Holzman, Amanda Xeller, Adin Lenahan
June 22 – Nazlah Black, Art Kopischke, Bailey Williams+Emma Horwitz, Meaghan Robichaud and Matthew Antoci
June 23 – Miranda Brown and Noa Weiss, TJ Lewis, Adin Lenahan, Lizz Bogaard
June 24 – Amanda Xeller, Bailey Williams+Emma Horwitz, Nazlah Black, Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin, Lizz Bogaard

August 15 – Colin Heininger, Mia Raye Smith, Sara Ashley, Jude Gallegos
August 16 – Colin Heininger, an_outskirt, Lids/Ellen/+Sam, Alexis Cofield and Danielle Covington
August 17 – Mada Harb, Jerrod Jordahl, Alexis Cofield and Danielle Covignton, Maria Milagros
August 18 – Patrick Vermillion, Kelsey Sullivan, Lianne Elsouki, Alyssa Haddad-Chin
August 19 – Beth Golison, Rachel Weekley, Alyssa Haddad-Chin, Caroline Burkhart, Charles Green
August 22 – Mia Raye Smith, Sara Ashley, an_outskirt, Jerrod Jordahl
August 23 – Jude Gallegos, Alexis Cofield and Daniel Covington, Caroline Burkhart, Mada Harb
August 24 – Maria Milagros, Caroline Burkhart, Genevieve Simon, Alyssa Haddad-Chin
August 25 – Genevieve Simon, Kelsey Sullivan, Scout Davis, Lianne Elsouki
August 26 – Scout Davis, Lianne Eslouki, Patrick Vermillion, Rachel Weekley, Charles Green


Performances will be live and in person. Vaccination proof will be required at the door, masks will be worn by all audience and staff. Performers will be vaccinated and may perform unmasked.


?!:New Works is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.  

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