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BrickFlix Presents: Red Rocket

May 16

BrickFlix Presents Red Rocket (2021) Directed by Sean Baker With special guest, co-star Bree Elrod May 16 at 6:30pm We're thrilled to be welcoming Bree Elrod, whose extraordinary performance as ex-wife, doting daughter and retired porn star goes beyond acting into the realm of inhabiting -- come join us at BrickFlix to find out how she did it! Red Rocket is a 2021 American comedy-drama film directed by Sean Baker (The Florida Project), from a screenplay by Baker and Chris Bergoch. The film stars Simon Rex…

Never Let Go

May 5 - May 21
Michael Kinnan

The Blockbuster Solo Sensation Returns to The Brick Theater for a Special Extension of the Sold Out Run! You’re about to be saved. In every way a person can be saved. This is An Unauthorized Retelling of James Cameron’s Titanic. Never Let Go by Michael Kinnan May 5-21 "Never Let Go is a feat of ingenuity...what he does is explore the liminal space between tribute and affectionate satire” - Elisabeth Vincentelli, The New York Times, Critic's Pick This thrilling and often hilarious…

Trudy and Mona: LIVE AND IN THE FLESH!!!

May 23 - May 30
Khristal Curtis & Jessica Zodrow

The Brick Presents Trudy and Mona: LIVE AND IN THE FLESH!!! by Khristal Curtis & Jessica Zodrow May 23-30 In 2018 the disembodied spirits of Trudy and Mona possessed two unsuspecting bodies at an anthropomorphic horse-themed winery in upstate NY. The spirits latched to the bodies and now live as endoparasites within these hosts. Tonight, they are manifesting to premiere their live talk show, Trudy and Mona: LIVE AND IN THE FLESH!!! Join the live studio audience and you may…

Tiresias Presents HYPERFANTASIA

June 3 - June 10

The Brick and Tiresias Presents HYPERFANTASIA June 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 & 10 at 8pm HYPERFANTASIA is a sci-fi fantasy drag cabaret about the proliferation of matter in the universe and life on planet Earth. Featuring original music and projections, this miniature epic draws on new evolutionary theories and ancient queer wisdom to dismantle the survival-of-the-fittest paradigm toward an ethic of abundance and extravagance. Hosted by Tiresias, the blind prophet of the Underworld, HYPERFANTASIA includes a reenactment of the…

C’était BonTemps’s OFF KILTER

June 11
C’était BonTemps

The Brick presents C'était BonTemps's OFF KILTER June 11 Doors 7:30pm, Show 8:30pm *** C'était Bontemps's OFF KILTER is a themed variety show to entice all the senses! Hosted by C'était Bontemps, they will draw you through a new story each performance for a new kind of nightlife experience! This month's theme is ROYAL T*, with performances from an ALL TRANS cast, with an emphasis on the majesty and grace trans people bring to our art, culture, and community. Performances…

The Brick Presents SalOn! SALON: A Real Salon-y Salon of Salon-ing

June 12

The Brick Presents SalOn! SALON: A Real Salon-y Salon of Salon-ing June 12 at 8pm Doors at 7:30pm Erupting from Title:Point’s SalOn!, The Brick presents SALON seeks to bring together a delightful and wild mix of people sharing 10 minute presentations to entertain, connect, baffle and enliven. Hosted by CATFOX and Garlan Jude! Featuring performances by Shawna Tang Oscar Chavez Gabi Shiner Kevin Chen Devon Wade Granmo Lane Kwederis Teagan Brown Leonie Bell Hannah Kallenbach & Peter Mills Weiss Cover…

Bare Book Club NYC Is Queer

June 14
Bare Book Club NYC

The Brick Presents Bare Book Club NYC Is Queer June 14 at 8pm Join us on Tuesday, June 14 for our next installment of Bare Book Club NYC. Bare Book Club is a group of beautiful women who love to read…naked. That’s it. Each month we bring you a rotating cast for this nude literary salon of themed readings for your enjoyment. For our June show we'll be celebrating Pride with reading about queer perspective. Ranging form articles, books, poems, and…

The Mannequin Play

June 18
I Don’t Wanna See That

The Brick Presents The Mannequin Play by I Don't Wanna See That June 18th at 8pm The Mannequin Play is a drag/theatre hybrid that follows a community of three mannequins at a Rainbow in Bushwick as the store’s closure separates them from each other. One is sold to a new store, one is sent to the garbage dump, and one is left behind at the defunct Rainbow. These mannequins must fight across time and space to reunite with each other.…

Queer Butoh 2022

June 28 - June 30
Vangeline Theater/New York Butoh Institute

Vangeline Theater/ New York Butoh Institute in collaboration with The Brick presents Queer Butoh 2022 June 28, 29 & 30 at 8pm “…queer themes and imagery have been reoccurring, if not instrumental, in Butoh. The concepts of otherness and ambiguity, particularly with respect to gender identity and sexuality, permeate its narratives. Drag, androgyny and fluidity are staple elements.” - The New York Times, "Queer Butoh: Finding Belonging in the Dance of Darkness", 2020 Vangeline Theater/ New York Butoh Institute collaborates…

The Exponential Festival Presents: Flow My Tears

July 7 - July 15
Braulio Cruz and John-Philip Faienza

The Brick and The Exponential Festival Presents Flow My Tears by Braulio Cruz and John-Philip Faienza July 7-15 A funeral service streamed to the internet, where the audience and the protagonist are both digital ghosts, searching for corporeal feelings of mourning out in the late-night city and encountering the consequences of a momentous event without really being there. This project comes from deep wondering about loss, familial and otherwise, that occurred this past year in which only a cursory, observed,…

Ashkenazi Seance

July 20 - July 23
Sarah Sanders

The Brick Presents Ashkenazi Seance by Sarah Sanders July 20, 21, 22 at 8pm July 23 at 3pm & 8pm Sarah Sanders can’t decide what to do with a treasured family heirloom, and she’s getting desperate -- so desperate, she’s turning to her dead Latvian Jewish ancestors for advice. Ashkenazi Seance is a solo show and community ritual about American Jewish identity, family, music, and what it means to carry on a legacy. Also, it’s funny! The rituals created and…

Card Tricks

August 20
Alex Offenkrantz

The Brick presents Card Tricks by Alex Offenkrantz August 20 8pm A magician tells you the truth by showing you his diary of card tricks, illustrating several impossible things that have happened in his life. He wants you to know how he feels, and card tricks are the only way he knows how to tell you. Created and Performed by Alex Offenkrantz A magician's girlfriend tricks him into believing she is happy. When the illusion crumbles, he becomes obsessed with…

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As of January 1, 2020 the new artistic team of the Brick has fully moved in: Theresa Buchheister has assumed the role of Artistic Director of The Brick. Theresa is joined by Associate Artistic Directors Ryan William Downey and Travis Just, along with a team of collaborators that includes Harrison Rivers, Nicolás Noreña, Justin Linville, Yuki Kawahisa, Teresa Braun, and Alyse Lamb.

They are honored to have the trust and support of co-founders Michael Gardner and Robert Honeywell and the Board of Directors, as they take the space in new directions, building on valuable time spent in downtown theatres, Brooklyn DIY venues, and weird basements.

This new team will usher The Brick into its third decade with a bold new vision and an abiding belief in the power of art. With a renewed focus on multi-week theatrical runs and a dynamic line-up of singular one-off events, The Brick will remain Williamsburg’s primary incubator of innovative theater and performing arts.

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