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Hi, Nice People

November 30
Hunter Gardner

Brick Aux presents Hi, Nice People A feel-good show about adult problems with Hunter Gardner November 30, 2022 at Brick Aux – 628 Metropolitan Ave DOORS: 7:30 SHOW: 8:00 This DIY comedy show is like a PG-13 version of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood with a different theme every month. Expect crazy characters, dumb songs, silly show-n-tells, and much more! This month's theme is CHILDISH WAYS. Tickets are $8 and include complimentary snacks for the audience. No BYOB. Cash and Venmo accepted.…


December 1 - December 18
Bailey Williams

The Brick and The Hearth present the world premiere of EVENTS by Bailey Williams December 1-18, 2022 The other day, something happened to Itchy at work. She started itching. On another day, the office of Todd David Design plans an event. An event, as you know, is a story with a beginning, a middle, and an itch. The theme of the event is eggs. But what is the story of the egg? This is going to be an indelible, one-of-a-kind…

The Former World – a presentation

December 6 - December 8
John Hastings & Benjamin Mayock

Brick Aux presents The Former World - a presentation by John Hastings & Benjamin Mayock December 6, 7, 8 2022 7:30pm Doors 8pm Presentation The Former World is an adaptation of John McPhee's storied tome on American geologic history. A movie, a reading, a seance. Performed by: John P. Hastings, Benjamin Mayock, Terrance Solomone, Katie Porter, Iván Barenboim and others TBD. John Hastings & Benjamin Mayock’s The Former World presents a snapshot of our geologic present inspired by John McPhee’s…

The Virgin Lovelace: Kate Zibluk’s Thesis Show

December 11

Brick Aux is proud to present Kate Zibluk's Senior Thesis: The Virgin Lovelace December 11 at 8pm @ Brick Aux 628 Metropolitan Avenue Religion, miracles, and magic are all biological processes humanity doesn’t understand. *** The Virgin Lovelace is a performance seeking to explore the idea that religion, science, magic, and technology are all terms for the same thing—each their own language explaining the same phenomenon. Specifically, this piece looks at the Virgin Birth of Christ as an example of…

Winter Festival 2022 – 3 Short Film Premieres w/ Live Comedy, Puppets, Art

December 13
The Florist Friars

The Winter Festival  December 13, 7pm-10pm @ Brick Aux - 628 Metropolitan Avenue Hosted at The Brick's Aux space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (easily accessible from the Metropolitan-Lorimer stop on the L train and the G train), The Florist Friars present 'The Winter Festival!' An artistic social gathering to premiere three independent short films; Long Beach Island (dir. Mike Macera), The Shit Show (dir. Collin Linnville), and No Cure 4 Fools (dir. Tommy Lynch). In addition to these short films, the…

Birthday Fundraiser Bash for Sarah, Tristan & Joey’s Exponential Festival Premieres & Sarah & Joey’s Birthdays & Tristan’s Not Quite but Kind of Half Birthday

December 15
Sarah Finn + Joey Merlo + Tristan Allen

Brick Aux presents Birthday Fundraiser Bash for Sarah, Tristan & Joey's Exponential Festival Premieres & Sarah & Joey's Birthdays & Tristan's Not Quite but Kind of Half Birthday by Sarah Finn, Joey Merlo, Tristan Allen December 15, 2022 at Brick Aux – 628 Metropolitan Ave No BYOB 7pm Live music! DJ & dancing! Themed Refreshments! Birthday Cake! Raffle Prizes & more! Come support Sarah, Joey and Tristan's shows AND celebrate the dance party dreamfest that is the quarter life crisis.…

The Exponential Festival Presents: The Complaint Society

January 4 - January 7
Barnett Cohen

The Exponential Festival and The Brick present THE COMPLAINT SOCIETY by Barnett Cohen January 4-7 2022 Contextualized by our era of infinite emergency, The Complaint Society documents and synthesizes a pixelated present of ruined meaning, anxious forces, neurotic tendencies, and looping violence. A range of urgencies–climate grief, state-sanctioned force, reparative justice, reproductive rights, systems of surveillance, the growing fascist theocracy in the US, and the memeification of political mood–appear and reappear in the performance as sirens, propositions for time travel,…

The Exponential Festival Presents: Tin Iso and the Dawn

January 10 - January 14
Tristan Allen

The Exponential Festival and The Brick present Tin Iso and the Dawn by Tristan Allen January 10-14, 2022 Tin Iso and the Dawn is shadow puppet symphony performed alongside an original, full length album. The project shares the origins of an imaginary world created to give age-old magic life through puppetry and music. Tristan Allen : Creator, Composer, Puppeteer Jim Freeman : Technical Director Tin Iso and the Dawn is operated by a solo puppeteer, composed and performed to explore the hidden…

The Exponential Festival Presents: God and All Her Children

January 15
Anike Sonuga

The Exponential Festival and The Brick present God and All Her Children by Anike Sonuga January 15, 2022 The summer before their senior year of high school, two boys come to God's porch to process life and the impending future. God played by Floria Foote, Gigi played by Gabriel Generally, D played by Jonathan Lorenzo Price, writer director & producer Anike Sonuga, associate producer Kyla Jeanne ​It's August. The summer before senior year. It's too hot to do anything and…

The Exponential Festival Presents: The Ben Shapiro Project and Our bodies like dams

January 16 - January 21

The Exponential Festival and The Brick present The Ben Shapiro Project by Ella Davidson and Our bodies like dams Sarah Finn January 16-21, 2022 The Ben Shapiro Project Ella wants to save America and herself, so Ella becomes Ben Shapiro. Then Ella confronts Ben Shapiro. America can't be saved, but can Ella be saved? ​Ella Davidson - Writer, Director, Performer Paul Levine - Codirector Tiana Richards - Collaborator and Social Media Manager Anuka Sethi - Producer Max Mooney - Stage…

The Exponential Festival Presents: (untitled human composting play)

January 19 - January 21
Devon Wade Granmo

​A road trip with a Uhaul-load of human compost. A conversation with a fungal network that is one of the oldest and largest living organisms on Earth.

The Exponential Festival Presents: Gay Hour of Boundless-wonders

January 26 - January 28
I’m Going to Marry Your Dad and Miss Lady Salad

The Exponential Festival and The Brick present Gay Hour of Boundless-wonders by I’m Going to Marry Your Dad and Miss Lady Salad January 26-28, 2022 Performance artists, meme-makers, and amicable trolls I’m Going to Marry Your Dad and Miss Lady Salad have had enough of trying to fit in–they just want to be normal! ​What starts out as a razzle dazzle of (normal) characters and tomfoolery is derailed when the Corporate Gays catch wind of their efforts to fit into…

The Exponential Festival Presents: Circus Trick & Presentation on colonialism

January 26 - January 29
Addie Ulrey and Joey Weiss

The Exponential Festival and The Brick present Circus Trick by Addie Ulrey and Presentation on colonialism by Joey Weiss January 26-29, 2022 at Brick Aux - 628 Metropolitan Ave Circus Trick Clown is a professional. They have always taken pride in giving the audience what they came for: a good, old fashioned trick. But in our digital world of ready-made delights, what counts as a trick? What does the circus have to offer that you can’t get fasterbrightercheaper somewhere else?…

The Exponential Festival Presents: On Set with Theda Bara

February 1 - February 8
Joey Merlo

The Exponential Festival and The Brick present On Set with Theda Bara by Joey Merlo January 30-February 8, 2023 In this hallucination of a one-person show, a genderqueer teen who goes missing and their gay detective father come face-to-face with the supernatural and consciousness-devouring Theda Bara, the vamp and silent film star of the 1920’s. ​Starring David Greenspan Written by Joey Merlo Directed by Jack Serio On Set with Theda Bara is a gothic coming-of-age story, a campy melodrama about identity-consumption…

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As of January 1, 2020 the new artistic team of the Brick has fully moved in: Theresa Buchheister has assumed the role of Artistic Director of The Brick. Theresa is joined by Associate Artistic Directors Ryan William Downey and Travis Just, along with a team of collaborators that includes Harrison Rivers, Nicolás Noreña, Justin Linville, Yuki Kawahisa, Teresa Braun, and Alyse Lamb.

They are honored to have the trust and support of co-founders Michael Gardner and Robert Honeywell and the Board of Directors, as they take the space in new directions, building on valuable time spent in downtown theatres, Brooklyn DIY venues, and weird basements.

This new team will usher The Brick into its third decade with a bold new vision and an abiding belief in the power of art. With a renewed focus on multi-week theatrical runs and a dynamic line-up of singular one-off events, The Brick will remain Williamsburg’s primary incubator of innovative theater and performing arts.

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