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A Reading of 9 New Works

October 5

A Reading of 9 New Works

Soured Milk

October 6
KJ Jarboe

Southeast Kansas. Rural Queerness. Self-discovery transforms into a time capsule of pain.


October 7

Raising funds for The Brick Theater and having *fun* while doing it.

Improv for Theater Artists (And Other Artists too, I guess) – 4 Week Course!

October 8 - October 29
Tim Platt

Along with building comfort and familiarity with improvisation as a craft and form, we will also experiment with how improvisation can directly integrate with your individual discipline and practice.  Come ready to play, listen, share, and develop.

Fall Residency Readings

October 8 - October 29
First Kiss Theatre Company

First Kiss Theatre Company is a primarily virtual home for artists on a quest to extract magic from the mundane and infuse it into bold, new theatrical work. The fall readings are the culmination of FKT's summer residency, in which 4 writers come together to develop new plays.

Mud & Blood

October 9 - October 23
Maya Sharpe

Time is running out the Human kind before the earth goes into full self sedation. The trees have always been the guardians of the earth, but they now must conserve their strength to save themselves. Who will save the human kind from self destruction and all that is in their path? Is there someone, something that can speak for the trees, who speak for all things that inhabit this planet?

How to be in Front of People LIVE SHOW + Open Mic

October 10
River L. Ramirez

This is a final class show for How to Be in Front of People taught by River L. Ramirez. Come to watch the final performances (music, comedy, and performance art) from the 4 week intensive students, and sign up for your chance to try out the open mic after the show, limited spot available, 3 minute slots.


October 12
Aux Reading League

ARL is open to all theater makers and is a great way to find a fun theater community of cool theater people reading cool theater things!

Room, Room, Room, in the many Mansions of eternal glory for Thee and for everyone

October 12 - October 28
Friend of Friend – Philip Santos Schaffer, syd island, and Andy Boyd

Room, Room, Room, in the many Mansions of eternal glory for Thee and for everyone is an acoustic hyperpop folk opera about death, sex, God, gender, utopia and the end of the world.

MoDRAG – Pop-Up Installation

October 13 - October 22
The Museum of Drag

Back by popular demand: MoDRAG returns! In honor of LGBT history month, come experience the cultural significance of drag at the Museum of Drag’s two week popup installation from October 13-23rd, featuring exhibitions by local and renowned drag artists, a gagworthy gift shop, guided tours, and the MoDRAG BALL on Friday the 13th!

This Show is My Funeral

October 13 - October 21
Josephine Simple

This show is a funeral for my pre-transition self. For real. It’s probably one of the funnier funerals you will ever attend. Come mourn and celebrate with me the life I used to have.

How to Be in Front of People : Mastering the Art of Live Performance – One Day Workshop

October 15 - October 29
River L. Ramirez

This one day workshop will cover the basics of performance for performers and non performers alike. Open to Comedians, performance artists, teachers, doctors, all are welcome.

The Prelude Festival Presents: The Exponential Festival Panel

October 17
Prelude Festival

The Exponential Festival is beginning its ninth-anniversary season with an intimate evening of artist-on-artist interviews to take place Tuesday, October 17th at 7pm at Brick Aux.


October 19
Samuel Leon

A lone Passenger walks onto an F train at the Coney Island-Stillwell Ave. station...and doesn't know why. Throughout this absurd and surrealist take on an otherwise mundane facet of New York life, the Passenger encounters friends, foes, and everything in between on their search for answers.

Alexander Technique Group Session with Garlan Jude

August 27 - November 19
Garlan Jude

Group classes offer an opportunity to explore within yourself while also being conscious of and engaged with individuals and space around you.


October 24

Come join us for a 50th Anniversary Screening of Nick Roeg's classic, featuring Julie Christie, Donald Sutherland, two weird sisters, and the city of Venice, which deserves a Best Supporting Actor nomination of its own. Added bonus, of course: a Top Ten Sex Scene in movie history!!

The Saga of the Shining Emblem: Chapter IX

October 25
Matthew Schott

The prophecy states that the chosen one will appear in our hour of greatest need, wielding a might Shining Emblem. The time of prophecy has come and the hero....is YOU!

The Great Film Club

October 27 - October 28

This is a short open mic film club event. It is an approximate 2 hour program of short films and then a 1 hour meet and greet with fellow filmmakers to connect and create community.

ARL: Beatrice

October 28
Aux Reading League

Join ARL on Oct 28 as we read Elijah Guo's new play: Beatrice. Beatrice is just another badass girl who plays the flute. Except for the fact that she lives in 13th-century Italy and she's being followed by this really annoying guy Dante who keeps writing poems about her. Loosely based on Beatrice Portinari, Dante's muse and the figure at the center of Vita Nuova and The Divine Comedy, BEATRICE is a story of Heaven and Hell, love and loss, and a woman ahead of her time.

Faust (The Broken Show)

November 2 - November 19
Eric Dyer

When you’re old and you can’t focus and you can’t have it all, maybe you can make a deal with the devil — if you’re special. Inspired by failure, Eric Dyer of Radiohole performs a manic version of the Faust legend, inspired by Goethe, F.W. Mernau, Jan Švankmaje, Joe Frank (and so on and so forth).

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