The Brick, along with all of our fellow cultural organizations, have been watching the current COVID-19 health crisis unfold and continue. Our artists, staff, and audience are dearly important to us and we are committed to providing a healthy and safe environment.

We have been deeply saddened by the losses experienced this year and want to make space for grief and mourning.

We affirm our commitment to safety, social justice, community and art as we work with each other to pivot, support artists and form meaningful connections.

We have canceled everything planned from March 15 to TBD. It was going to be a glorious season, filled with beautiful and bonkers non-commercial, non-Capitalistic art and friends. But, as you can see on this site, on Metropolitan Avenue, on our YouTube channel, in our newsletter… we have not stopped for a single second. We will always innovate, create, support and find hope. Here are links to the shows that very nearly got to happen. The planned projects not listed included work by Meta-Phys Ed., Jaime Sunwoo, Nathan Repasz, Woof Nova, Yuki Kawahisa, Rat Queen, Leonie Bell, Your Uncle Richard and so many more.

It is no secret that a non-profit the size of The Brick relies on our audience to continue operating. There are many worthy places deserving of your attention and generosity but if you have the means and would consider making a tax deductible donation to The Brick to help us keep the lights on, we would be very grateful. This decision comes with a profound impact on our budget, our staff, and our artists. Every little bit helps. You can make a donation

We appreciate your understanding at this time and can not wait to have you back in the space soon. We remain so grateful to be collaborating with people who care as much about art as the they do the world in which they make it.

We Love You
The Brick

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