Business of Voiceover

The Business of Voiceover is a 3 hour workshop designed to familiarize actors of all experience levels with the basics of starting a career in VO. We will cover a bevy of topics and tips including home recording, building a reel, finding representation, building a network and more. This is an excellent starter for those who don’t know where to begin or want to jump back in to the ever growing world of Voiceover. 

This workshop will be taught by Ryan William Downey.

$50 per student. To sign up and view upcoming dates CLICK HERE

Ryan William Downey is an actor, playwright, and musician who serves as Associate Artistic Director of The Brick Theater and Co-Director of Title:Point, an experimental theater company that has been producing and presenting work in New York City for more than a decade. His most recent play, Sleeping Car Porters,was a New York Times Critic’s Pick and Biter (Every Time I Turn Around), which he co-wrote, was one of Helen Shaw’s 10 Best Plays of 2015. As a voice actor he has been heard on podcasts, audiobooks, in many plays and, most notably, on Pokémonfilm and television series playing a variety of characters.

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