Comedy and Performance in the Digital Sphere – a workshop with Marissa Goldman

Learn to use digital tools for comedy or performance online. Performance has been going towards the digital world for a long time even before the age of Covid. In this workshop we do a brief overview of the software and tools used to make this work. This is the class for anyone with a visual idea beyond their scope. 

This workshop will take place via Zoom over two days and costs $50 to attend.

Upcoming Dates and Sign Up Here

Marissa Goldman is a comedian, filmmaker and artist in Brooklyn. She works as a freelance animator and teacher while performing stand up around the city (not during the pandemic.) Her performance often combines elements of digital media, in slideshows and videos. During the pandemic, she started one of the first online comedy shows, Marissa’s Google Doc Quarantine Party, which was covered by Google, WNYC, TimeOut, Teen Vogue, and more.
After graduating from RISD with a degree in film/animation/video in 2015 she has made animations for clients including Vice, Complex, Vfiles, and Dove Chocolates. She is passionate about performance and digital art and hoping to spread the love.  Animation website: and comedy website: themediawitch_

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