What Can I Do?? – A Six Viewpoints Gymnasium

with Nicolás Noreña and Timothy Scott

“What can I do?” Invites us to open up our perception to the possibilities of communication and different levels of co-creation that are available to us at the moment through our bodies, through our community, through the internet. In this short workshop we will explore ways of co-creating, co-thinking, co-being from a distance. 

We will explore the six materials of the Viewpoints (Space, Shape, Time, Emotion, Movement, Story) in our individual spaces, as well as through the multitude of spaces contained within Zoom, as an endless source of improvisational and compositional material. Using this deeply perceptive foundation as our baseline, we will begin improvising phrases within these materials.  Towards the end of the workshop, we will start to refine and retune our improvised material to create both solo and group performances.  If time allows, we will work towards a large group improvised performance!

$50 via PayPal.me/BrickTheater

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