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Out of an Abundance of Caution: Volume 49!

February 21


OUT OF AN ABUNDANCE OF CAUTION is an avant-garde microfestival LIVE + online of quick + dirty-fascinating work responding to and from the places and people with whom we select to shelter, on a wildly inclusive + non hierarchical platform

Produced by Lauren Miller and Theresa Buchheister
Tech by Ben Sulzinsky
Poster Image by Maya Sharpe
Curatorial Support from Harriet Veltkamp and Kate Zibluk


-Pioneers Go East Collective (LUCKY STAR)

-Fernando Vieira (video and chat)

-Brzezinski & Shcap (shadow puppetry)

-Toney Brown and Steven Arcieri (film and review)



Kate Zibluk!

get into it early, stay w us for the long haul

entry is free
tipping is encouraged (paypal.me/outofcaution)
flying by the seat of our pants here so
anything can happen

Sunday, February 21
8pm EST Show



Kate Zibluk (she/her) is currently a student at Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts at The New School in New York City. Residing in Brooklyn, she has been able to witness a wide range of experimental theater and performance that is shaping what she wants to do in her future. So far, she’s not super sure! Kate is pretty chatty, a lover of birds and iced coffee, and in general, an extremely anxious human being (the last point is something she’s working on)! Kate has experience in working the box office at The Brick Theater, managing The Brick’s social media, doing basic theater tech, assistant stage managing Eugene Lang College’s production of “The Laramie Project” at Mabou Mines, performing in Eugene Lang College’s production of “Hoppla, We’re Alive!” at LaMama, and running around doing anything she can to be helpful.


PIONEERS GO EAST COLLECTIVE presents a special excerpt of LUCKY STAR: superstar

What does it take to be a star?
A Meta creative journey

LUCKY STAR: superstar

Film by Pioneers Go East Collective

premieres at The Exponential Festival 2021

Featuring performance artists

Anabella Lenzu (choreography/ devised writer – episode 1)

Daniel Diaz (choreography/ writer – episode 2)

Bree Breeden (choreography/ devised writer episode 3)

Cameo appearance by downtown icon and Stonewall witness

Agosto Machado (narrator & writer)

Cinematography by Jon Burklund

Direction & writer Gian Marco Riccardo Lo Forte

Production design & writer Philip Treviño

Choreography consultant Beth Graczyk

Sound design Ryan William Downey

Episode 1 includes cinematography by Todd Carroll

LUCKY STAR is a hybrid performance and video-art installation inspired by icons of the
performance art scene in the 1970s coming out of Club 57 and The Pyramid Club. Borrowing
vaudeville fabulousness to celebrate queer bodies, the objectification, creative endurance, and
pursuit of artistic stardom, LUCKY STAR is queer, trippy irreverent, with performers cast as
alternate-universe superstar versions of themselves. A meta creative and experiential
performance, the stars on stage tell heartfelt stories and recount their struggles to becoming
stars. They are self-reflective, and are looking in a mirror at their image, while in the corner of
the room, they see the poster of their favorite teenage icon, looking back at them.

Ultimately,LUCKY STAR invites viewers to witness stories of queer resilience, beauty, and the pursuit of artistic stardom.


FERNANDO VIEIRA presents Unlabeled

Unlabeled is a reflective documentary that explores the boundaries of masculinity and femininity within one person, challenging the established relationship between sex and gender.

Fernando Vieira is an Ecuadorian-born, New York-based writer, director, and performer. Many of his/her works document the effect of misogyny and heteronormativity on the lives of women and queer Latinx individuals. She also writes in the suspense genre. Notable works include writing and directing the stage solo play ‘Me voy porque puedo’ and directing a Spanish version of the Jean Genet classic drama ‘The maids’.  Also, Vieira twice directed the queer comedy ‘Los nutcrackers: a Christmas carajo’ at BAAD! His latest works include writing the play “Goodbye, Little George,” and the reflective documentary “Unlabeled”, where he explores living with dual gender identity. Vieira has been part of artistic cohorts at institutions such as NYFA, Creative Capital, and Leslie-Lohman Museum. In addition, Fernando holds a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies.

IG: @fernandovieirausa



BRZEZINSKI & SCHAP present Body Stories: Sayeh

Body Stories is a filmed shadow puppet series exploring the question: What is it like to be in your body? The series was inspired by interviews with Lisa Joyce, Sayeh Khorsandi, Hannah Datz, and Rashaun Fraser. Original music was composed and recorded for the project by musician Christopher Vu. 

Brzezinski & Schap is the creative partnership of Caitlin Brzezinski and Libby Schap. Their distinct style features moving shadows screens, innovative light textures, and blurred lines between performer and shadow character. Flying Lessons, their premiere production, toured the northeast and New Orleans in 2019 and received the Jim Henson Foundation Workshop Grant (2018) and Production Grant (2019), as well as generous support from the Bob Jolly Charitable trust, Puppet  Showplace Theater, and the Ko Festival.  Since the success of Flying Lessons, Brzezinski & Schap have created several short, filmed shadow pieces including Above/Below, a short for Boston’s 48hr Stay At Home Film Project, and their new series Body Stories



@chrisvu (composer)


TONEY BROWN and STEVEN ARCIERI presents a film review of JOHN A. ARDELLI’S My 41st Birthday!

Toney Brown is a film scholar and producer living in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Steven Arcieri is a writer living in Allston, MA (check out his work @ The Nervous Breakdown). Friends from college, they spend most of their time drinking Surge soda, reading Edouard Louis, listening to pop music and talking about the cinema of John A. Ardelli. Tragically dying in March 2019, John Ardelli represented a true embodiment of Dziga Vertov’s “Kino-Pravda” or film “film truth”. A man with a movie camera, Ardelli left behind a trove of films documenting his hometown Sydney, Nova Scotia. Join Toney and Steven as they dissect Ardelli’s master work “My 41st Birthday”. Rest In Peace John.



In this one-act digital musical, animals – sick of years of mistreatment and because a speeding sheriff accidentally kills the queen deer on a highway – take up arms against humans.

Created by: Yeujia LowThe first wave of attacks come from our pets – cats claw us to death, dogs deafen and drive us to insanity with nonstop barking. Then, the locusts

 destroy our crops, the sparrows spread diseases, all the wild animals invade the cities… When the dust clears, will there be any humans left?”





February 21, 2021
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Brick Theater
579 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, 11211 United States
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