-Email to inquire about available times. They will share the google calendar to view, if it seems necessary to ease back-n-forth.
-Requests must be for 2 hours minimum.
-If the time is available, Theresa will enter (YOUR NAME_USE OF SPACE) HOLD for the date and time.
-Once you confirm and make a payment, Theresa will change (YOUR NAME_USE OF SPACE) HOLD to (YOUR NAME_USE OF SPACE) CONFIRMED/PAID.

-Monday to Friday 9am-10pm is $10/hour for all
-For Patreon members, evenings and weekends at $20/hour regardless of type of event.
-For non-Patreon members, evenings and weekends are $30/hour for rehearsals and $50/hour for public events. Film shoots and use of the full space can range from $50-200/hour, depending on intended uses.
-Payment once the time and date are confirmed with Theresa can be made at this private link.
-Please do not cancel. If you get covid, reach out to reschedule. But we rely on accurate representations of the use of the space in order to attempt to pay our rent. Canceling last minute is harmful to our survival.

-Theresa will discuss intended use of the space with you. Please do not do things you did not discuss.
-Theresa will let you know who will be watching over the space while you are there or if you will be accessing the space without a Brick representative there.
-Please restore the space to how you found it. This means:
-If you tape out the floor, plan to remove residue.
-If you move furniture, restore it.
-If you open windows, close them.
-If you make a mess, sweep and/or mop.
-If you eat food, please take trash out with you. Dry non-food trash can go in the trash. Empty bottles and cans can go in recycling. Please do not put glasses full of liquid in the trash. Pour it out. Then put it in the trash.
-If you need paper towels or toilet paper, they are on the white shelf of supplies in the office.
-If you need heat, use the thermostat in the gallery.
-If you need ac, use the control panel in the rehearsal room.
-Lights for the overhead and sconce lights are on the wall in the office next to the giant Titanic poster.
-If you destroy something, you are responsible for any fees that may incur, including restoring paint jobs, patching holes, replacing fixtures, replacing items.

-We have a variety of seating options, maxing out at around 30 seats. It is an eclectic combination. If you want uniform seating, please rent chairs and bring them in and out.
-We have a variety of extension cords and powerstrips. Please ask if you think you will need more than one or two of each of those.
-We have 1-3 projectors available for use. Please request this when you book the space.
-We have a small speaker with XLR and stereo ¼ inch inputs. We have one xlr, one mic, one mic stand.
-We have a record player that plays records, tapes, cds, radio, bluetooth and aux.
-We have 1-5 rehearsal blocks and 1 music stand. If you need these, check to be sure they are available.
-We have 1 Kawai 88 key keyboard.
-We have a variety of tables, though none of them are visually cute. So bring a tablecloth if you want it to look cute.
-Beyond that, feel free to ask. But we keep it intentionally simple.

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