I (don’t) know what I’m doing: An Exhibition by Tawanda Gona

Brick Aux Gallery presents
I (don’t) know what I’m doing: An Exhibition by Tawanda Gona
at Brick Aux Gallery – 628 Metropolitan Ave
July 12-26, 2024

Opening Reception July 12

Closing Party July 26

I (don’t) know what l’m doing is a collection of comic strips l’ve drawn throughout the pandemic and post pandemic years. 2020 was supposed to be MY year. I knew my comedic voice, I was focused and having fun. Then in an instant I was trapped in my room. Terrified. Was this the end? What would the world look like? Who would we be? Will I survive? And most importantly, will I still be able to create? Then I bought an iPad and even though I never knew how to draw, l just started drawing and before I knew it I was not just drawing but having fun. Just as soon as I started to open up again creatively, so did the world. This collection is a few of my favorite pieces as they showcase my growth as an artist, and as a human.

Tawanda Gona

Find them: @Tawandraws

Curator’s Note:
I met Tawanda in 2020 when he came upon a “gallery show” I had rigged up on the set of The Million Underscores’ show LAPA, which closed due to the shutdown in March. By October, galleries could be open, while performances would still not be allowed to happen inside for another year. I had reached out to a bunch of comedians I knew that were also visual artists (River Ramirez, Tim Platt, Marissa Goldman, Fareeha Khan, Felipe Di Poi) and we made a show inside the old set and let one person at a time view the art. Tawanda was one of those people and he had the wonderful gumption to say – “I’m an artist and comedian. Can we add my art to this show?” Obviously, he became an important part of that show. It was incredibly meaningful to share art with people in person after so many months of online only. The party in the yard of City Reliquary was everything. And now that we have a gallery gallery, I am happy to be sharing Tawanda’s work again! He observes, creates, observes, creates and ultimately shares. He brings his sensibility as a comedian to his visual work and he continues to find the paths between the two in ways that are a pleasure to witness. I cannot wait to be present in the space with him and imagine what else is possible.

Theresa Buchheister, Artistic Director, The Brick

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