Intro to Sound Design with Leonie Bell

Intro to Sound Design 

A 3 Hour Workshop With Leonie Bell

June 18 12-3pm in person at Brick Aux, 628 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn, NY

Cost for this class is on a sliding scale $30-75

Learn the basics of sound design using FREE software and FREE sound sources. Students will create and share (if they like) short soundscapes using their new skills.

We will spend the first half of class learning the basics of sound design using free software such as QLab and Audacity, and free sound sources such as

We will spend the second half of class making and sharing (if you so desire) short soundscapes using our new skills! Participants are welcome to create something new or bring in projects they are already working on and would like to begin exploring through sound. We will make sure to have plenty of time for questions and general sound-related conversation. 

Bring your 

Macbook Laptop


Something to write?

*Let us know if you need help accessing a MAC laptop or headphones! 

Leonie Bell (she/her) is a German-American theater-maker and sound designer from Berlin, based in New York. She facilitates LOCAL GRANDMA, a free-form theater project devoted to rigorous play, communal care-taking, and causing a ruckus. Recent sound credits include: Sonntags wird gelogen Or We Only Lie On Sundays (The Brick), Lunch with Sonia (La Mama Experimental Club), Phase One: The Underbrush (New Phase Collective), I Don’t Want to Interrupt You Guys (Mabou Mines), Sing, Goddess! (HERE Arts), Women Screaming (The Tank). Sound design Awards: La Mama DesignFest 2020, Indie Shorts Awards Cannes 2021 (Phosphor).

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