On Set with Theda Bara

Queer Butoh 2023

Anthony Braxton Improvisations by Experiments in Opera

?!:New Works 2023 – Night 20

?!:New Works 2023 – Night 17

?!:New Works 2023 – Night 16

?!:New Works 2023 – Night 14

?!:New Works 2023 – Night 13

?!:New Works 2023 – Night 12

?!:New Works 2023 – Night 10

?!:New Works 2023 – Night 9

?!:New Works 2023 – Night 8

?!:New Works 2023 – Night 6

?!:New Works 2023 – Night 4

?!:New Works 2023 – Night 1

M3LTDOWN by Alex Aguirre

My Cousin Nelu is Not Gay by Diana Labontiu

Two Films by Title: Point – Blood Polaroid and Mandatory Hypnosis

The Exponential Festival Presents The Ben Shapiro Project by Ella Davidson and Our bodies like dams by Sarah Finn

The Exponential Festival Presents Presentation on colonialism by Joey Weiss

The Exponential Festival Presents Circus Trick by Addie Ulrey

The Exponential Festival Presents (untitled human composting play) by Devon Wade Granmo

The Exponential Festival Presents God and All Her Children – A Staged Reading by Anike Sonuga

The Exponential Festival Presents The Complaint Society by Barnett Cohen

The Former World by John Hastings & Benjamin Mayock

EVENTS by Bailey Williams

MUJER/WOMAN by Caro Guzmán


The Passerby; or Where did my Soul go? by The Million Underscores

Blue Fire Burns the Hottest by Marissa Joyce Stamps

Heavy Sleeper by Hammer Beaten Sky

You Are the Proletariat, Baby! by William Sydney

The Observatory by The Million Underscores