Tiresias Presents HYPERFANTASIA

David J. Tennent: Love/Machine – Generative Works 2014-2022

Trudy and Mona: LIVE AND IN THE FLESH!!!

BrickFlix – Benefit for Ukraine

all i want is what you want – Jo and Lena

Side by Side – Maggie Crane

A Night with David Greenspan

Gusher – Blaze Ferrer

Exquisite Agitation – Lucyana Randall

Case Studies: A New Kinsey Report – Dmitri Barcomi

Flow My Tears – Braulio Cruz and John-Philip Faienza

Departure Study of Mother/land Fabric – Annie Heath

Murder at the Christmas Pageant – Nadia Pinder

Sonntags wird gelogen Or We Only Lie on Sundays – Leonie Bell with LOCAL GRANDMA

Holy Ghost People – Robert Malbrough

Mahinerator – Jerry Lieblich

Sisters, Weywrd – Boca Roja

DEVOTION DEVOTION – Lydia Mokdessi and Jason Bartell

Re-Inventing Love – Marija Krtolica

Never Let Go – Michael Kinnan

Through the Looking Glass – Chevy Lace and Cetait Bontemps

?!:New Works 2021 – Night Fifteen

?!:New Works 2021 – Night Fourteen

?!:New Works 2021 – Night Twelve

?!:New Works 2021 – Night Ten

?!:New Works 2021 – Night Ten

?!:New Works 2021 – Night Six

Lucky Stars – Pioneers Go East Collective

Gallery Time!

Community Exercises for Sanctuary Spaces – Brendan Drake

FEATURING… at The Exponential Festival

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