***We are currently updating this page with the incredibly kind and generous support we received to make it through 2020 and sending thank yous to all. Thank you for your belief, love, patience and endurance. We are with you!


Anonymous (3)
Carol Bryce-Buchanan
Marge duMond
Myron Feld
Allyson Imhoff
Lukas Kaiser
Jim Moore
Patricia Phelps
Nancy Schwartz
Hank Smith
Valerie Work

S Arber
Casey Corcoran
Diane Eckerle
Katharine Giblert
John Issendorf
Lisa Kressbach
Karim Muasher
Magnus Rausing
Day Shields
Z Smith

Michael Brown
Terry Dineen
John Evans
Walter Giblert
Jason Jacobs
Jay Leibowitz
Amy Overman
Theresa Schorn
Shannon Sindelar
John Towsen


Adam Burnett
Michael Criscuolo
Patio Miller
Johana Skalsky

Kyle Ancowitz
Nat Cassidy
Andy Dickerson
Maryanne Olson
Linda Sullivan

Gyda Arber
David Cote
Sondra King
Heather Rogers
Christian Toth


Matthew Freeman & Pam Grossman
Daniel Krumm

Sally Backus
Judith Hill Harris
Art Wallace

Nita Congress & Steve Caporaletti
Stephen Heskett


Josephine Cashman
Ronald Chen
Linus Gelber
Ian W. Hill & Berit Johnson
Ellen Josepher
Mark Palermo
Ken Simon

Greg Bell
Phil Buehler and Lisa Levy
Mel DeLancey
Amitesh Grover
Windy Hillman
Francois Guillaume Leblanc
Carolyn Raship
Stephanie Cox Williams

Lynn Berg
Chris Chappell
Ramona Floyd
Amo Gulinello
Wally & Winnie Honeywell
Mick and Julia O’Brien
Alyssa Simon


Jeff Lewonczyk & Hope Cartelli
John DeVore

Bob Brader & Suzanne Bachner
Wendy Coyle
Trav S.D.


Blake Bolan
David Cote
Josh Hartung
Arwen Lowbridge

Katherine McRobbie
Todd Robbins
Helen Shaw


Joe Amstater
Aaron Baker’s Aunts & Uncles in memory of Aaron Baker
Jim and Carol Buchheister
FACE Foundation
Foundation for Contemporary Arts

Paige Blansfield
Adi Habbu
Nicholas Littlemore
Lauren Miller
Reclamation Bar


American Express
Michael Gardner
Robert Honeywell
Mental Insight Foundation
Harrison Rivers and Christopher Bineham



The Body Inc.
Indie Theater Fund
Moira Stone and Robert Honeywell

NYC Department of Cultural Affairs
The Rockefeller Foundation Matching Grant Program

The Brick’s programming is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

Subsidized studio space provided by the A.R.T./New York Creative Space Grant, supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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