The Circus is Coming to Town by Yiseul LeMieux

Brick Aux presents
The Circus is Coming to Town
by Yiseul LeMieux
at Brick Aux Gallery – 628 Metropolitan Ave

*Extended through April 14, 2024!

The Circus is Coming to Town is an overwhelmingly interactive, respectably, aggressively engaging event full of surprises and prizes. You and your imagination will be featured at The Circus is Coming to Town. Think you would like to try something different?

Yiseul LeMieux Artist Statement

My work often incorporates numerous components across various disciplines, but always begins with the contemplation of shared human experiences. I draw from histories of conceptual art, theories of new disciplinary practices, and my own lived experience to craft performances, installations, and audio-visual media art that engages a broad public. My work transgresses traditional disciplinary boundaries and reconfigures conventional power structures in art, often engaging audiences via unconventional methods of direct participation. Social practice is at the heart of my creative practice, and my work creates structures that provide experiences in which people can engage and participate while being themselves. People are used to hiding their valuable opinions, interests, and ideas during social engagements, and can often feel uncomfortable expressing what is truly in their minds. While art frequently focuses on telling, showing, and doing, I am also interested in listening to and inviting participation from the audience. While they are experiencing my work and afterwards, I am their secret listener.

Opening Reception March 16 @ 730pm

Closing Party April 7 @ 730pm

Brick Aux Gallery hours are 12-6PM on weekends, varied weekday hours, and by appointment:

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