The Exponential Festival 2024 at The Brick

art by Mark Toneff

~ A pleasure, a mess, a thrill, and a dream. ~​
Exponential is a month-long January festival dedicated to New York City-based emerging artists working in experimental performance. The participants in this multi-artist, multi-venue festival are committed to ecstatic creativity in the face of commercialism. Exponential is driven by inclusiveness and a diversity of artists, forms, and ideas coupled with utopian resource-sharing, mentoring and the championing of risky, rigorous work in eclectic fields.

On Stage at The Brick Theater579 Metropolitan Ave

Being Up in Here and All the Other Businesses that Don’t Concern You
OR When You See a Buncha Black People Running, What Do You Do?

by Marissa Joyce Stamps
January 5 – 13

“We runnin cross country.”

Being Up in Here… follows best friends Aaliyah and Eli who get magical running sneakers and run On Their Way, as far as space as near as Brownsville’s GnM bodega, to reach The Final Destination where they’re to meet Mama She. But, what happens when they make the unfamiliar familiar and run off course?

Más que un Pétalo
by Salomé Egas
January 23 – 27

Más que un Pétalo (More than a Petal) is a multidisciplinary theatrical experience deconstructing the Ecuadorian immigrant experience in the United States. Using dance, theater, textile arts, music and stop-motion video, the performance invites audiences to see the immigration journey of a taxo flower, “Tauzhu Sisa”, an Ecuadorian native plant.

ten dreams of metamorphoses or me talk dirty someday
by Yuki Kawahisa
January 31-February 3

You are invited to Yuki’s world! Follow her on a wild solo ride across dreams, memories and *stories*. As you find that precious connection, deep intimacy we all seek from theatre, you might suddenly wonder “Can I actually trust this silly narrator?”, well, can you?

At Brick Aux628 Metropolitan Ave

Admin Reveal: An Evening With Miss Lady Salad
by Shawn Escarciga
January 25 – 27
at Brick Aux – 628 Metropolitan Ave

The veil between URL and IRL thins once more for ADMIN REVEAL. Darling internet pest and real life gayguy Miss Lady Salad welcomes f-slurs far and wide to journey through their valley of memes, celebrating three years of a meme-a-day (or 3) with a little talking, a little sharing, a little durational performance, 15mg of generic Lexapro, and a dream.

The Exponential Festival SalON!: inside/outside
January 29 @ 730pm
at Brick Aux – 628 Metropolitan Ave

It’s Exponential Festival‘s (semi-)annual array of sights and delights. One of a kind! Kindly gather and celebrate each other.

Featuring CATFOX, SB Tennent, Cameron Stuart, Matthew Antoci, Ann Marie Dorr, John-Philip Faienza, William Sydney, Nic Adams, Hillary Gao, Sophia Metcalf, Andy Boyd and Syd Island, Joey Merlo, Kate McGee, Peter Mills Weiss

NERO – Rough Cut Screening
by Kyoung’s Pacific Beat
February 1 @ 7pm
at Brick Aux – 628 Metropolitan Ave

The veil between URL and IRL thins once more for ADMIN REVEAL. Darling internet pest and real life gayguy Miss NERO is a hybrid event that includes both a work-in-progress screening of this theatrical production followed by a panel discussion on arts journalism regarding pandemic art.

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