The Million Underscores__ A photographic Odyssey by Jose Miranda

The Brick presents
The Million Underscores__A Photographic Odyssey
by Jose Miranda
at Brick Aux Gallery – 628 Metropolitan Ave
June 6-30, 2024

Opening Reception June 6

Happy and Sappy Hours June 20 and 21 before and after ROLY POLLIES by The Million Underscores_ _ at The Brick Theater

Closing Party June 30

The Million Underscores_ _: A photographic Odyssey takes the gallery participant through the past 4 years of photographer Jose Miranda’s journey with the performance group, The Million Underscores_ _. Beginning with LAPA, the March 2020 production that tenderly haunts The Brick to this day, Jose began a beautiful collaboration with The Million Underscores_ _, a company that is continually inside the act of creation. Come see Jose’s collection to remember, to learn, to delve, to be surprised. You will not leave empty-minded.

Jose Miranda is a New Yorker with over 10 years of experience photographing performances, weddings, parties, events and headshots. He has developed a keen eye for capturing the essence of each moment and telling a story through his images. Growing up in the Bronx, Jose was surrounded by vibrant culture and artistic expression. This environment inspired him to pursue photography as a way to capture and share the beauty he saw in his surroundings.

Find him – @pelenguino and

Curator’s Note:

Unique and inspiring collaborations which bring forth magic into the world that would have never existed or would have been lost to time are what keep me in New York. They are not tied to commercialism or industry ladder-climbing, they are the truth of art. They are the child amid a sea of adults in the Emperor’s New Clothes. They are the space that can be created through the special alchemy of serious artists who love a good time. These collaborations take all forms, but this one, between performance company and photographer, makes me think of Richard Foreman and Paula Court. The photographer provides these fantastic portals because they can truly see the artist. And we all benefit from it.

I knew Jose long before he started photographing The Million Underscores_ _. He even filmed the 2012 immersive show Title:Point did on the main floor, basement and sub-basement of The Housing Works Bookstore. He was always down to play, to shimmy into a weird corner to get the shot, to perceive things that others may miss. Over the years, I have had the great pleasure of witnessing those natural instincts become artistic practice. It is an honor to host this collection of photographs of my favorite (yes, I said it) performance company in New York. There is beauty. There is oddity. There is melancholy. There is motion. There are butts. Thank goodness.

 Theresa Buchheister, Artistic Director, The Brick

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