Yoga and Contemplative Movement with Marija Krtolica

The Brick Presents
Yoga and Contemplative Movement with Marija Krtolica
Thursdays 3:45-5pm @ Brick Aux 628 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn, NY

This class utilizes principles of the vinyasa (continuous movement with the breath) and yin yoga (receptivity through deep stretching) to relax physical and mental tensions and create a space for accessing the joy of unobstructed motion.

Following a short meditation, in a series of improvisational propositions, participants are invited to explore their anatomical structures, different points of initiation, and spatial & temporal relationships with the environment and each other.

Marija Krtolica is a teacher, dance-theatre maker, and an interdisciplinary scholar. Her teaching revolves around an ongoing interest in the embodiment, movement, and mental health. Marija has thought yoga for twenty years in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and is very pleased to share her practice with The Brick community.

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