Best Reason For Theater Haters To Buy Season Tickets 
"Once an auto shop, the Brick Theater pursues its thespian dream with blue-collar chutzpah. The programming at this beloved black-box theater is similarly egalitarian and unpretentious. While the premises of some Brick programs sound like jokes generated from a good bong hit, the shows are impeccably executed, frequently ingenious, and usually hilarious. And given that the price of admission is rarely more than a movie ticket, there's no good excuse to miss another season."

“Nearly two years ago, Robert Honeywell, an actor, writer, director and lawyer, and Michael Gardner, merely a writer
and director, set up The Brick Theater in a former yoga studio (a brick former yoga studio) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn,
using a good portion of their life savings.  Their goal was to set up a home for the odd, the obscure and the rarely
produced, and so far they seem to have been successful: among their credits are productions of The Pragmatists by
the Polish playwright Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz and a play called – honest – Assurbanipal Babilla’s Assyrian Monkey

“The Brick is a promising new venue in Williamsburg.  A red-brick lined room containing modest seating, it has a
casual and comfortable vice.  A spirit of camaraderie flows among the staff, the performers and the small but
appreciative audience, and the air is redolent of fresh beginnings.”

Time Out New York Top Ten Plays of 2004:
In a Strange Room
, directed by Michael Gardner


NYTHEATRE.COM’s People of the Year – 2004

“The intimate Williamsburg storefront occupied by the Brick Theater (Michael Gardner and Robert Honeywell, co-aristic directors) might seem like an unlikely venue for the city’s zippiest summer festival, but the Hell Festival charmed our reviewers and audiences last summer.  The Brick was also home to Jeffrey Lewonczky’s well-crafted revival of Witkiewicz’s The Pragmatists, Assurbanipal Babilla’s Assyrian Monkey Fantasy, and the parody Who is Wilford Brimley? The Musical.  They’re just one reason why Williamsburg is a to-go neighbohood for up-and-coming theatre.”’s People of the Year – 2005
“Our only holdover from last year’s list is this hot Williamsburg company, artistic home to some of the ciry’s most adventurous theatre practitioners.  The vibe here remains terrific: Brick’s list of hits in 2005 include John A. Wooden’s Dear Dubya: Love Letters to, Ian W. Hill’s World Gone Wrong, Peter Petralia’s Third Person, and Cole Kazdin’s My Year of Porn (all seen in The Moral Values Festival); 31 Down’s That’s Not How Mahler Died; and Michael Gardner’s Memoirs of My Nervous Illness."

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