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?!: New Works 2023 – Night 20

Miranda Brown and Noa Weiss, TJ Lewis, Adin Lenahan, Lizz Bogaard & Gabby Gillespie, Amanda Lyn

June 23

$20 – $50

The Brick presents
?!: New Works 2023 – Night 20
featuring Miranda Brown and Noa Weiss, TJ Lewis, Adin Lenahan, Lizz Bogaard & Gabby GillespieAmanda Lyn
June 23, 2023

The spiritual successor to The Exponential Festival, ?!:New Works features a veritable slew of experiment(al)(ing) artists from a variety of disciplines presenting brand new work. Working it out. With each other. With you.

Why Does This Feel Wrong?
by Miranda Brown and Noa Rui-Piin Weiss
Like a flipbook where you can swap the tops and bottoms of outfits, we mismatch dance and sonic styles, creating cursed (and ironic) mash-ups. Hope you cringe 🙂

Choreography by Dance Dance Revolution, Yvonne Rainer, nobodysausage, and Marius Petipa in collaborations with the dancers

Danced by Miranda Brown and Noa Rui-Piin Weiss

Selection of music by Ellen Arkbro, Reading Rainbow, SMiLE.dk, Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky/London Symphony Orchestra, Hudson Mohawke, Richard Wager, Moby, Village People, Only Fire, Ludwig Ban Beethoven, Baauer mixed by the dancers

Photo by Uila Marx

Find them: miranda-brown.com // @miranda_brownie // noarweiss.weebly.com // @weiss.soserious

TJ Lewis
Are You My Last Stop?
by T.J.L
The train to Coney Island runs like it always does, but how often do you see cute ass courtship gone good on the fucking MTA? Maybe Denali and Richie can show you a thing or two.
DIRECTOR: Autumn Angelettie
DENALI: Alex-Terrell
RICHIE: Alfred Cabrera

by Adin Lenahan

FYP is a solo show inspired by the TikTok algorithm: an endless parade of contrasting voices ranging from Disney Adults to dying teenagers to haunted surfers to true crime enthusiasts to evangelists to ASMR Reiki practitioners to Nicole Kidman, all speak in no more than one minute intervals and converge to tell a story about nothing (but nothing is ever about nothing).

Written & Performed by Adin Lenahan | Directed by Daniella Caggiano

The Passion of Meredith
by Lizz Bogaard & Gabby Gillespie
There was only one cultural artifact that survived the 2023 Apocalypse: seasons 1 through 19 of Grey’s Anatomy. Taking place 4000 years later, “The Passion of Meredith” follows a community theater’s rehearsal for what has become the ancient tragedy Grey’s Anatomy – a play about the life of mythic healer Saint Meredith Grey, set to premiere at this year’s annual Festival of Meredith. And the pressure’s on, as it will be the stage debut of the long-awaited first daughter of Grey, Meredith II. All is going according to the Church’s plan, until – just 24 hours before opening night – Saint Meredith herself comes to Meredith II, compelling her to expose the injustices of her oppressive religious state.
Writer, Director, Producer – Lizz Bogaard
Writer, Director, Producer – Gabby Gillespie
Music Director/Mysterious Undertaker #1 – Beau Kadir
Music Producer/Mysterious Undertaker #2 – Kevin Donald
Producer/April – Dez Savini
Consulting Producer – Tim Mountain
Meredith II – Addie Guidry
The Director – Erin Dugan
The Producer – Michael Oluokun
Chorus/Zealot/Leper 1 – Sarina Freda
Chorus/Zealot/Leper 2 – Meg Power
Disgruntled Prole/Saint Meredith Grey – Christine Covode
Pope of Grace – Sereene Kurzum
Art Department – Dan Cretella

See me, Smell me
by Amanda Lyn
Turmeric hallucinations, Garlic spirituality, screams into powerpoint voids, office etiquette, reality TV madness, Keanu Reeves delirium, PUNGENCY and alienation in the age of surveillance
Written and Performed by Amanda Lyn
Find them: @stonergrrrl_420

Lineups are subject to change.

Art by Mark Toneff


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