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?!: New Works 2023 – Night 13

Leonie Bell, Marissa Joyce Stamps and Russell Nichols, Home for a Swarm of Bees, Simon Henriques, Mike Steele

April 20

$20 – $50

The Brick presents
?!: New Works 2023 – Night 13
featuring Leonie Bell, Marissa Joyce Stamps and Russell Nichols, Home for a Swarm of Bees, Simon Henriques, Mike Steele
April 20, 2023

Hosted by Travis Amiel Cosimo Pori

The spiritual successor to The Exponential Festival, ?!:New Works features a veritable slew of experiment(al)(ing) artists from a variety of disciplines presenting brand new work. Working it out. With each other. With you.


Morgen bin ich wieder da
Created by Leonie Bell

looper songs &
lo-fi pocket projector Tanztheater.

where we look for windows
into that morning hour
where nothing stirs

hey we’re just
looking for a pulse


a morning. 
a mourning.

The Switch
by Russell Nichols

Today is Reckoning Day, which means the Three Fates must select one random person to die by flipping a switch. The women—Clo, La-La and Morta—have performed this sacred duty for centuries. But today, when one of them questions the validity of the law, the Fates have to make the hardest decision of their lives.

Playwright: Russell Nichols
Director: Marissa Joyce Stamps
Assistant Director: Jordan Powell
CLO: Sierra D. Leverett
LA-LA: Deborah Thomas
MORTA: Ekemini Ekpo

Find them: russellnichols.com // marissajoycestamps.com, IG: @marissajoycestamps Twitter: @marissa_stamps

cw: fog

Saltbees or, How the Truth is not Needed in Dramatic Composition. An Informative—no! Performative Essay in Three Parts Inclusive of an Analog Prologue between Myself and the Audience in which we Lay the Flagstones of Artifice in order to proceed into a Hermeneutical Exegesis of an Excerpted Portion of Yhò Focmafhrhanerhe whence a New Paradigm is Ushered.
by Home for a Swarm of Bees

There is an expansive mystical world that does not have a name (it does have a name shhhh) where they worship bees. We won’t tell you about it at all (we will a little), but we’re freaking out and we’ve been given a stage to freak out on (not in the contract [there is no contract]). The title is a lie—so is the show. It’s actually about friendship now.

Developed and performed by Kate Zibluk and Laia Comas for Home for a Swarm of Bees
Image Credit: Laia Comas

This performance contains footage from the films Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion (Hideaki Anno, Kazuya Tsumaraki 1997) and The Rest I Makeup (Michelle Memran 2018).

Follow them: insta: @homeforaswarmofbees @laiaxcomas @zibtastic

The Simon Henriques VIP Experience
by Simon Henriques

Enjoy an intimate, exclusive meet-and-greet with one of modern culture’s most iconic figures: Simon Henriques. Come hear about his illustrious career, delve into the sordid details of his personal life, and find out whether it’s possible to become successful and happy simply by insisting it’s true. (It is.) (It IS.)

written and performed by Simon Henriques

Find them: simonhenriques.com; IG: @simon.henriques; TW: @simonhenriques

Disaster Theatre
by Mike Steele

A bio-engineered fly in the ointment. Acid rain on our parade. Spaghetti in the ice cream. It’s all a disaster. Mike and Skye repurpose pop culture disaster tropes to create a performance medley of text, sound, video and movement that confronts our disastrous realities.

Written by Mike Steele
Created and Performed by Mike Steele and Skye Fort
Video by Skye Fort
Photo by Skye Fort
Graphic Design by Nora Steele

Lineups are subject to change.

Art by Mark Toneff


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In consideration for the health and safety or our staff members, artists, and audiences, The Brick remains committed to maintaining vaccination requirements and mask mandates for our in-person presentations for the foreseeable future. We ask that all audience members remain masked. All staff and performers will be vaccinated; performers may not be masked. Audience can provide proof of vaccination with a government issued I.D. along with a physical copy or picture of your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, the NYC COVID Safe App or the New York State Excelsior Pass. Please be patient with staff.


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