The Brick’s Second Annual Karaoke Fundraising Megathon

The Brick presents
Oct 7 from 4pm-4am.
at The Brick Theater – 579 Metropolitan Avenue

Partially inspired by those marathons that include running, The Brick will host an extraordinarily long and wild KARAOKE MEGATHON, hosted by Ann Marie Dorr and Paul Ketchum, with the KJ stylings of Kegan Zema.

Come and go. Come and stay. Pledge dollars to sing, get someone else to sing, get a VIP experience and witness exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime performances!

4pm-7pm – Open Karaoke, Family Friendly Happy Hour
7-9pm – SHOWTIME* hosted by Becca Blackwell!
*AKA Extravagant Karaoke Curation Summoned Into Existence By Donations
11pm-4am – After Hours, No Holds Barred!

$10 choose your own song
$25 any Disney song or musical theater number
$50 duet with the hosts or pick a song for Paul, Ann Marie, Kegan or Theresa to sing solo
$75 Paul Ketchum will remove one piece of clothing
$100 We hold you aloft as you sing
$250 VIP cushy seats with champagne for the SHOWTIME portion of the evening (2 spots only)
$500 Theresa Buchheister will let you shave their head in whatever design you want
$1000 – Year Long Pass to all Brick Events.
$2500 – Mystery Perk Coming Soon
$5000 – A Song Written and Recorded in your Honor
$15,000 – Brick Aux Naming Rights

***Bribe the KJ to move your song up in the queue! – (totally allowed and encouraged)

In order to guarantee the extravagant guests below, we need to reach $5000 by Oct 1! So do not wait to get involved! Donate now!

Nicky Paraiso
Jo Firestone
Tina Satter
Nadia Pinder
Sophie Zucker
Can Yasar and Dan Shevlin
Nathan Repasz
Bobby Malbrough
Lauren Miller
Peter Mills Weiss
Bree Elrod
Billy McEntee
Matthew Antoci
Lee Rayment
Tim Platt
Nic Adams and Angel Desai
William Sydney
Theresa Buchheister
and More!

Raising funds for The Brick Theater and having *fun* while doing it.

All donations are a tax-deductible investment in The Brick’s sustainability.


The Brick is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We rely on the generosity of our patrons. Consider giving a tax-deductible donation today to help make The Brick a sustainable hub of experimental performance for many years to come. Donate Here or Join Our Patreon

A Note on Accessibility: The Brick has trigger warnings posted in the space for each show for you to check if you so choose. If you would rather ask questions in advance of being in the space or would like to enter in advance of house opening due to our seating not being assigned, please reach out to

Mask Policy: The Brick strongly encourages but does not require masks for audience members. We are in ongoing conversation with our artists and audiences as we continue to adapt our covid policies and it is subject to change at any time. Thank you. 

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